No more falsehoods or derisions

This line of the song seems so appropriate today for some reason. However, it is purely coincidence that this wsa the next line of the song.

Yes, it’s  odd title for a post, but I am working my way through the songs of Hair for the Hair Festival. Don’t worry, I will stick to the safe songs and promise not to post a series of entries each titled from lines of Sodomy. So! Hair Fair! My first post after Hair Fair opened was about this stunning hair from Exile that I had noted when it was first shown on the feed and my mad dash to get it during the sneak peek. So, imagine my surprise when I signed on and received a lovely thank you gift….and yet another hair style that I really like. This time with  a cap that changes color with a simple touch.

I started off today by putting on the Kaya Brown outfit from PixelFashion. It comes with a lovely short pleated skirt and tights. However, it’s cold and I felt like pants. So I added the highwasisted brown pants from Muism. I think this jacket actually looks better with pants than with a skirt. The clean lines of the pants are much less busy than a pleated skirt and let your eyes travel and appreciate the fine design.

I added just the  bottoms of Stiletto moody’s tall croc boots – so that I needed worry about the calf prim and the pants prim being incompatible. The jacket comes iwth a scarf, but I removed in favor of the Curio Group gift  from their opening

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio
****STYLE NOTES******
Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
Lashes: Sin Skins Ferra Lashes
Skin: Tuli Elizabeth Lifth Wisteria
Hair: Exile City Chic Scarlet
Nails: Persona Nail Gloves Wisterira
Pants: Muism High Waist Trousers Brown
Top and Jacket: PixelFashion Katya Brown
Boots: Stiletto Moody Tall Boot Croc Brown
Earrings: Moon Rounds of Rings Green
Necklace: Curio Vintage Heart Old gold Purple

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