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Long-Legged Mini

Skin Flicks has released a bunch of minidresses that will make your legs look like the go on forever.  They’re a bit short for my usual taste, but are made quite well and are different enough from most minis to be really interesting. For example, the lace-up bodice on this one is repeated with a lace-up side seam on the skirt.

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Excuse Me, Have You Seen My Sn@tch?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Okay. I’ve been eyeballing these pants at Sn@tch for a while. But it was only when I realized how great they’d go with the group gift from Pixeldolls shirt that I finally made the jump and went and picked them up.

Now, you’ve seen this shirt. Everyone on planet earth blogged it when it came out.

And it’s a really fun, festive design.

But my thing is, with few exceptions, I don’t blog things just because I just got them. Review items aside, I’m blogging for you WHAT I WEAR. So I’m not just saying “here is some crap in my closet isn’t it cool?” This is actually what I wore one day in SL, and then saved as an outfit. So my inventory becomes a bit of a journal of what I did and where I went. Continue reading

Magic Crystal Revelation

Another Hair Fair Find and yes, another from Bishwear. Can I help it that I like shaky, shakey shakey hair? This style features straighter, more flyaway hair that has a naturalistic look to it. To give myself a crystalline feel, I went for this lovely group gift from Baiastice. Continue reading