Snow Angels

When fellow photographer GM Nikolaidis, also of Spork, sent me a Christmas present that included a snow angel animation, I could not wait to use it. I im’ed my friend hatchy and she joined me.

It doesn’t snow in Hong Kong (rarely, Google says 4 days of snow in a decade) so this was hatchy’s first time making snow angels. And she got to enjoy it without the stray bits of snow seeping under  her collar  and melting and trickling down her back.  Speaking of Hong Kong, my outfit is all made by another friend from Hong Kong, Miffyhoi Rosca.

I know I did a recent post on Miffy’s red party dress, but this time I wanted to talk a little more about her clothes because Christmas is coming and her clothes would make lovely, inexpensive gifts. Now if you go to her regular store at Don’t Ask, the clothes are all copy/no transfer, but check her profile (Miffyhoi Rosca) for her Gift Store on Vicious Island. In that store, all items are no copy/transfer for gifting. I also think that folks who are not checking her out are really missing out.

I seldom talk prices, but I am going to make an exception since Christmas shopping is upon us. Miffy’s clothing is very inexpensive while being first rate in quality. The boots for example are only 100 L. She makes a few dozen different boots, many with tons of buckles and all that. The nice thing about her boots is that the majority don’t make your feet look humongous even with all that gear.

This skirt and long stockings come together for only 80L. The jacket is 100L and the prims on it are magnificent. The toggles are individual objects linked to the torso prim. There are also prim sleeves and  hoodie.

Then there’s the fat pack with the colors of hat, scarf and gloves for 65L. If you have a long list of friends you want to gift, you could divide it up and spend about 20l per gift…and the quality of the gift will be as good as if you spent 250.  There’s a lovely little pin on the scarf, the scarf has kitty ears and the detail is amazing.

You can see the detail I am talking about. The piecings in the ear, the pins on the scarf.

Again, you can see the many little pins on the cap and the marvelous wool texture she uses. Miffy also makes all sorts of neko gear, belts with a years supply of candy, and so on. I am thrilled to see her making a few more mainstream outfits like the red party dress, because that’s totally my style. I believe that dress is 80L, but didn’t write it down.

Miffy often drops an item on me that she thinks I might like – not for review, but because we are friends. Aall the clothes featured in this post I bought at her store last night – because it’s enough out of my normal style that she would not think to send them to me 8).  Still, they’re adorably cute and the jacket, scarf and boots are wonderful and will work with many outfits.I always want the skirts to be longer, but that’s me… most people prefer this length.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio

****STYLE NOTES******
No items in this post were promotional gifts.

  • Poses: Reel Expressions / Spork
  • Skin: SinSkins #4
  • Eyes: Poetic Color Eyes Sunny Glade
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Hair: Abyss Secret
  • Zenith Black Jacket
  • Zenith Check B/Y/P Checker Skirt with long stockings
  • Zenith Black leather Boots
  • Zenith hat scarf gloves
  • Earthstones Snow flurry pearl earrings

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