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If on a winter’s night a traveler

13 Dec 27

If on a winter’s night a traveler,
outside the town of Malbork,
leaning from the steep slope,
within fear of wind and vertigo,
looks down in the gathering shadow,
in a network of lines that enlace,
in a network of lines that intersect,
on a carpet of leaves illuminated by the moon,
around an empty grave –
What story down there awaits its end?

13 Dec 27

If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler is a short miracle of a book written by Italo Calvino. I am thinking of rereading it again for perhaps the tenth time. It’s written so beautifully it feels like poetry. In fact, the chapter titles, as you can see above, seem to make a poem. But the real poetry is the evocative language and the deep, authentic love of language that Calvino reveals.

The novel begins in a railway station, the locomotive huffs, steam from a piston covers the opening of the chapter, a cloud of smoke hides part of the first paragraph. In the odor of the station there is a passing whiff of station café odor. There is someone looking throughout he befogged glass, he open the glass door of the bar, everything is misty inside, too, as if seen by nearsighted eyes, or eyes irritated by coal dust. The pages of the book are clouded like the windows of an old train, the cloud of smokes on the sentences. It is a rainy evening; the man enter the bark he unbuttons his damp overcoat; a cloud of steam enfold him; a whistle dies away along tracks that are glistening with rain, as far as the eye can see.

From Chapter One of If on a winter’s night a traveler

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Riddle Me Platinum

The Dark Swamp

The Platinum Hunt is on and folks are finding the best stuff. One of the great things about hunts is that it gets us out into the stores and we can see new releases that we might have missed and discovered new stores. While Di’s Opera is not new to me, the great poses in her Platinum Hunt gift prompted me to stop by her store for an extended browse. The last thing I need is new poses, but sometimes need is not part of the equation. I ended up purchasing some new poses that I used in this post and really, isn’t that why we do hunts? The outfit I am wearing is put together with gifts from Riddle and PXL Creations. The skirt and glasses are from Riddle. It also comes with a lovely blue top, but I wanted a bit more edge so I wore PXL Creations Dominatrix Corset. Both are Platinum Hunt items, so get out there and hunt!!
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Every once in a while I take a peek to see how many posts Gidge and I have done using one designer or another. Some of course will be in nearly every post (eyes and eyelashes) and some may have been featured a few times only. I ran into Saschi Vixen at the Shape/Skin Expo and just for fun took a quick peek and saw that we had done Adam n Eve 98 times. We chatted for a while and then her partner dropped a pair of the new Yehaw boots on me and I know what would be in #99.  I told Saschi that we were 2 posts away from 100 and she said we ought to have a party. That may be fun, but I ran out of patience and decided to whoop it up with the kickass Yehaw boots and number 99.

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Good morning starshine

Continuing with wonderful Hair Fair finds, today I am wearing the Codie hair style from Mirada – a new-to-me store with wonderful hair that needed no tinting. There’s a nip in the air so I put on this cuddly warm Round and Aboutton dress from Veschi. It’s autumnal colors put me in mind of the prairie so I headed out to The Refuge and Prospect and hopped a train. Continue reading