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Ciphers are a girl's best friend

Frankly, I have also heard the same about diamonds. However, if you’re talking fashion – the store Cipher on Mooncat Izumo is definitely in the girl’s best friend category with some hot jackets that are fresh and unique designs like this shrug I am wearing with a Canimal dress.  Nothing brings a dress up a notch as well as well-chosen shrug or jacket and the Cipher jackets are amazing.

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Bare Rose Challenge #5

More Bare Rose love – and this time because it’s a great place for coats and jackets – lovely open jackets that might be part of some complicated costume but on its own makes a lovely open jacket to wear over some seperates.This jacket is from Cross Bones Girl and the rest of the outfit is not something I am likely to wear, but I could see what a gem this jacket was right away.

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Buckets of Fun

A few days ago Surarin Piek of SL Fashion Diva was looking so great in this bucket hat I just had to find it. And wow, did it take me forever because it was hiding on the second floor. Did you know there was a second floor at Sprawl and if you did, did you know there are actually some things for sale up there?  Well, there are and one of them is this stunning bucket hat.   Now Surarin styled this very upscale with the lovely Pashmina scarf from Zaara, but I had a shirt from Coco that’s been burning a hole in my closet that I just was dying to wear…and so I popped that on instead.

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Gothic Vamp

Before saying a word about this luscioius dress from LaPointe, I have to spend some time drooling over the Tuli Gothic skins again. Yes, I have drooled before. Guess what, I will likely drool again. When something is so drool-worthy, you just have to go with the flow. This time I am drooling over the Vamp makeup that is completely V – pause – A – pause – M – pause – P – pause – VAMP, with luscious red lips, kohl-smeared eyes and a delicate little beauty mark highlighting one cheekbone. Yummy! I have to say, the flowy big hair from Sky Everett doesn’t hurt either.

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The Earth Says Hello

and so do dragonflies.

I gave a big hello to the marvelous biker cap from Argrace and decided to dress up as a Pennzoil Princess in honor of the hat. Setting out to shoot at the Texaco station at Refuge and Prospect I was lucky enough to run into the builder himself – who kindly gave me a dragonfly.  How could I not include it in my shoot…and in this case, take one picture from the dragonfly’s viewpoint.

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I sure hope that's gum.

I don’t know what to highlight first – the magnificent detailed jacket from Cipher or the incredible black thigh-high boots from Drawmachine. However, this photo certainly highlights the quality of the boots that stay gloriously glitch free even while pulling gum off your shoe. I love these boots – sexily thigh-high, but with a bling-free matte finish that keeps it away from even the slightest hint of skankiness. Continue reading