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Da dum, Da dum, Da dum Da dum Da dum, Da dum, Da dum . .

Okay, so it’s leopard, not panther, but I can’t help it that that song pops into my head when I wear this skirt. Not that I complain, that song takes me to a happy place.  Which is why I felt like wearing this happy, joyful and exuberant skirt from Thimbles – a store that always makes me smile and seems to exude such joie d’vivre that I am sure Thimbles designer Apatia Hammerer is Mary Poppin’s great-granddaughter.

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The Earth Says Hello

and so do dragonflies.

I gave a big hello to the marvelous biker cap from Argrace and decided to dress up as a Pennzoil Princess in honor of the hat. Setting out to shoot at the Texaco station at Refuge and Prospect I was lucky enough to run into the builder himself – who kindly gave me a dragonfly.  How could I not include it in my shoot…and in this case, take one picture from the dragonfly’s viewpoint.

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The, uh, stuff that dreams are made of.

I have always liked that little “uh” when Bogart speaks the famous quote in The Maltese Falcon. Sometimes it’s the flaw that elevates the excellent to the extraordinary. After all, where would Lauren Hutton be without her gap? In the case of the new Tuli Elizabeth skin, I submit that the little mole under the left eye is what moves this skin into the extraordinary.In the past I have read the rave reviews of Tuli skins with bemusement as they never seemed to suit my face. This one, though, is a perfect fit. Continue reading

Short & Sweet

Short and Sweet! Not just the dress, the post as well. I am working late in RL and taking a few minutes just to post this outfit and let you judge it for yourselves.  I went a little pared down on the accessories because the beaded collar straps eliminate the need and the advisability of a necklace. I went for the taupe shoes because taupe is undervalued when really, it’s a lovely and versatile color that needs more outings.  Continue reading