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My Slink Obsession Makes Layering Easy

I picked up this gorgeous jacket at Vintage and Cool – a vintage clothing fair held last year. I loved the beautiful lace and leather jacket and the lovely details, but had not found the opportunity to wear it – but when I put together this outfit focusing on some of the wonderful finds at My Slink Obsession, I remembered it and pulled it out of the closet. The lovely nail polish is from Stellar at My Slink Obsession.
150704_007The outfit really begins with the Somnia Cranial Trim top which was released today at My Slink Obsession. As with everything made by Sanura Snowplow, the quality is exquisite. The hand drawn textures in the bodice are beautiful and, by the way, are the reason I chose the jacket. The last picture in this post has a close up that lets you see how well the straps on the shoulders are done. That is where you can see the difference between the good and the excellent. Somnia is excellent. The only reason I do not wear it more often is she works with a much softer color palette than what I gravitate towards – for me, I generally go for prints and strong, bright, saturated colors. But coral? Well, coral is one of my favorite colors and is one of the universal colors that look good with every skin type.


I shot the pictures outside ISON. I love this sim so much.
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Christmas Quickie #4

There’s no reason you have to wear a special Christmas dress. Here is a lovely simple red dress from Sheer that is made seasonal through accessories. The photo background, by the way, is one of 10 Christmas backgrounds I made that you can download free or request via IM in-world.

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What's the price of whimsy?

What is the price of whimsy? Well, starting tomorrow for the holidays, it’s 1 Linden @ Nix Sands’ wonderfully eccentric clothing store Pixie Pumps, also called XCentricity and XNT. So, when I need to find  the store, I look up Nix Sands’ profile just because the name confuses me. The D’Fly Ice Queen are going on sale for just 1 L – and they are worth a 1000 times that in sheer fun and delight.

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Snow Angels

When fellow photographer GM Nikolaidis, also of Spork, sent me a Christmas present that included a snow angel animation, I could not wait to use it. I im’ed my friend hatchy and she joined me.

It doesn’t snow in Hong Kong (rarely, Google says 4 days of snow in a decade) so this was hatchy’s first time making snow angels. And she got to enjoy it without the stray bits of snow seeping under  her collar  and melting and trickling down her back.  Speaking of Hong Kong, my outfit is all made by another friend from Hong Kong, Miffyhoi Rosca.

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When Skulls Go Cute

I seriously dislike logo clothing and accessories. Dislike is probably too mild a term, loathe is more accurate. If you cannot recognize good quality design and construction without a billboard announcing it, well that’s sad. If you don’t know that good quality and construction comes in many different price ranges, that’s even sadder. I am puzzled by the popularity of Louis Vuitton’s classic bag. If they want me to carry their advertising, they can pay portage. Give me Biasia, Isobella Fiore or Bottega Veneta anyday. So, you know I have to really love this razorback shirt to wear something with such a huge logo on the front. And I do love it, it’s cute, fresh and fun…and is on every layer.

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