When Skulls Go Cute

I seriously dislike logo clothing and accessories. Dislike is probably too mild a term, loathe is more accurate. If you cannot recognize good quality design and construction without a billboard announcing it, well that’s sad. If you don’t know that good quality and construction comes in many different price ranges, that’s even sadder. I am puzzled by the popularity of Louis Vuitton’s classic bag. If they want me to carry their advertising, they can pay portage. Give me Biasia, Isobella Fiore or Bottega Veneta anyday. So, you know I have to really love this razorback shirt to wear something with such a huge logo on the front. And I do love it, it’s cute, fresh and fun…and is on every layer.

Razorbacks are so sporty looking, I probably should be in some Nikes and a track suit ready to run 5 miles.

Oops, are those high heels? That’s what happens when you go to Fishy Strawberry for camping, you find much to love. Believe me, I am not running five miles in those stilettos.

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Poses: Reel Expression
  • Skin: Freckled SinSkikn Tone 4, 09
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Nails: SinSkins
  • Hair: The abyss Secret
  • Top Calypso Giano
  • Pants Coco Skinny Pants
  • Shoes: Fish Strawberry Veniza Cherry
  • Jewelry: luc Chakra Boho Blush set and KJ’s Sweets Deco bracelet

2 thoughts on “When Skulls Go Cute

  1. sasyscarborough

    lol If you hadn’t told us it had a logo, I wouldn’t have really known. Such a doll you are. I love those style tanks and dresses.

    xox Sasy xox

  2. Harper

    Sasy is right, actually, except that I dimly recall that skull from somewhere.

    But you’re right about logos quite frequently, and especially that ghod-awful Louis Vuitton idiocy! One time, maybe, in a nice, discreet spot, yes; but they plastered it all over their bags repetitiously ad nauseum, and make the poor bags look like they was beaten with an ugly stick. Other companies are guilty of it now, too; it’s easy to spot Chanel bags and sunglasses frames, or D&G, or…you get the idea. (Shudder) Aren’t we bombarded by enough advertising.

    (And Harper wanders off to contemplate her holiday ad campaign for her store…. [grin])

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