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The House of QXI Moves to Zindra

posted by Gidge Uriza

Silo and I live on a swath of mainland which is neither glamorous nor fascinating. However it’s our little stretch and we like it fine. We’ve always tried to make friends with our neighbors (even the weird pyramid sex club people) and because of that we’ve gained a great friend, QXI Gears.  But since the new NOTTI RULES have been passed, she had to move her gallery to Zindra.

If you are unfamiliar with her work, she does digital erotic art. Now – no it’s not the kind your boyfriend is secretly creating by choosing “Quiet Snapshots to Disk” but instead is something of an all together different sort. Continue reading

Long Akward Posemaker Appreciation

posted by Gidge Uriza

Stepping up to meet Achariya’s Challenge are probably mostly photographers,  as photography is truly the symbiant love of the posemaker.  But, as a model who spends a great deal of time STANDING on poses, sorting through them sometimes and other times BEING sorted through on them, I actually have some great love for the art. Continue reading


posted by Gidge Uriza

I have stalked this bathing suit since it went into the lucky chair at Coconut Ice, for oh, Say A YEAR.  My husband came to SL and promptly won it right off the bat one day while shopping with me.

Here you see Silo – flaunting his new bikini a year ago, at a party with threw on Vicious Island.

So, I was a little bitter, I gotta admit. I mean, it wasn’t even TRANS! GRRRRR. Continue reading

Who likes free shoes?

That’s me raising my hand and heading over to Fishy Strawberry to host a lucky chair party — which is my way of saying that with the right attitude, waiting for your letter can be downright fun. You just crank the music and invite your friends sto join you as their letters come up. If you’re like me, your friends will hang out and invite their friends, too, to keep that chair moving. Of course, once you win your shoes, you can’t disappear because by then some friends and friends of friends have come so you need to help them get their shoes, too. That’s why it’s a party. It can last for hours…as it did in this case. I think I won my shoes after about 15 minutes, but I must have spent 3 hours in the store.  And that’s the point, because, not only did I walk out with the super shoes you will see after the cut, but I blew my budget and bought way, way, way too much stuff including everything I am wearing.

Continue reading

This Girl Won A Fat Pack of Silks

posted by This Girl

So my friend used to keep this Gorean Slave. I dunno why. I mean, I DO know why, but – I don’t know why she hung out with the GANG and all since they don’t tend to let Gorean slaves be all SOCIAL the way the rest of us always were, yet there she was.  And somehow I always ended up getting left with her. “Here, stay here with my slave and make sure she doesn’t eat my shoes.” or whatever he’d say. Continue reading

Soooooooo…….You're Pierced, Eh?

posted by Gidge Uriza

This is a true life tale – inspired by the fashion in these photos. What you see is another DELICIOUS win from the SN@TCH lucky chair – AWESOME dress eh?

Once Upon A Time,

Dressed about like this….a young Gidge sat in a cavernous dark Goth Bar in Seattle with her boyfriend – the King of the Top Hat Wearing Goth boys.  The Biggest Scariest Goth Man (who at about 45 clearly lived in his Mom’s basement and worked at the Target by Day and was only out to scare the 20 somethings by the light of the moon) came strolling over to our dark and pensive corner to exchange angst with us.

During the course of the conversation, it is revealed that he’s sporting a Prince Albert piercing. In my dark and gloomy youth, I wasn’t aware of what that was, so I innocently asked what that meant.

And he showed me – RIGHT THERE. Continue reading