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Another Visit to Embryo

I went back to Embryo for a quick visit last night after some hair shopping at Exile where I grabbed this gorgeous new style, Rayne. The dress I got awhile back from Damiani and I love the matching stockings that come with it, the lovely floral print cooridating perfectly with the dress.

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I'll Take Mine with Olives

Sometimes you need to cleanse your palate with something different. After several black, red, orange and brown outfits faithful to the season, I decided to cleanse my palate with some olives.

Styling this look started with a coat by Damiani Fashions, shown later in the post. It comes with an open and closed option so I decided to style the coat unbuttoned and set about chossing what to wear underneath.

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I feel pretty, oh so pretty

Maria sang that song in West Side Story and it’s exactly how I felt when I put on this dress and one of the lovely new Aleri Darkes skins.  Now you skin lovers out there, you have the opportunity to find all sorts of lovely skins during the current hunt at her store. You just need to find the cookies – and this is what they look like.

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