The Earth Says Hello

and so do dragonflies.

I gave a big hello to the marvelous biker cap from Argrace and decided to dress up as a Pennzoil Princess in honor of the hat. Setting out to shoot at the Texaco station at Refuge and Prospect I was lucky enough to run into the builder himself – who kindly gave me a dragonfly.  How could I not include it in my shoot…and in this case, take one picture from the dragonfly’s viewpoint.

This Pennzoil Princess limited the biker chick chic to the gloves and boots and went for a very princessy soft cashmere sweater from Mischief over a miniskirt and top from Persona

The boots and the gloves are from Drawmachine – and I love the detail work.Although GHOST, where I got the stockings, is closed, you can still get the stocking on OnRez.

The skin is sinSkins Tone 13 – a real stretch for me with the piercing, but it suits the look. And just to show how wrong I can be, this is now the 5th time I have worn this jewelry set given to me some months ago for a review. At the time I wrote the creator, explaining they really weren’t my style and I would be unlikely to wear them. HAH!! They’re cute and cute triumphs. I think this is the second time I have worn them for a blog post outfit.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio

There are more photos on Flickr

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Skin: SinSkins Tone 4: 13
  • Hair: Argrace Hunting Chiffon Curl
  • Sweater: Mischief Back in Black Sheer Cardigan
  • Top & Skirt: Persona Mollie Miniskirt and Tank:
  • Tights:  Ghost Prison Tights
  • Boots:  Drawmachine Overknees
  • Gloves: Drawmachine Biker gloves
  • Jewelry: MaiTai & Bliensen BottleTop Choker and Earrings
  • Sunglasses: Armidi Lifestyle Aviators
  • Dragonfly: AM Radio

Shot @ the Texaco Station @ The Refuge and Prospect by AM Radio

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