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Double Take: A Balancing Act

One of the exciting things about fashion is the way you can shift the entire mood of an outfit just by changing a few accessories. I thought I might add a new “feature” occasionally taking one outfit and giving it two looks. I am starting out with the Brio dress from Chantkare. I love the bold graphic look of this dress with the over-sized collar, bell sleeves and the bold stripes. I first selected accessories that emphasized its clean, modern lines.
I chose some soft and feminine accessories that would change the focus, adding a softer, more romantic element that still honors the modern graphic style of the dress.
I shot the pics at Camomile – home of tram where I bought some of the accessories I use to set the mood for the two looks. There’s a chair outside the store with a fun balancing animation that distracted me until i decided to just go ahead and use it in the shoot – after all, fashion is often a balancing act between moderation and exuberant extravagance.
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Blogger Challenge: More to Love

Hybie challenged us to make a cute plus-sized shape and style it. I dawdled because I was busy on other projects – but last night I bit the bullet and got to it.  Trinny and Suzannah may object to the baby doll as one of their key lessons is to define the shape, not hide it. Nonetheless, I could not resist its powerful allure. The little dress from Fishy Strawberry is too cute and demanded to be worn NOW – and would not wait. I tried to wear something else, but it leapt out of my closet and ran around hollering  “wear me, wear me, wear me.”  Clothes can be so demanding sometimes.

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The Earth Says Hello

and so do dragonflies.

I gave a big hello to the marvelous biker cap from Argrace and decided to dress up as a Pennzoil Princess in honor of the hat. Setting out to shoot at the Texaco station at Refuge and Prospect I was lucky enough to run into the builder himself – who kindly gave me a dragonfly.  How could I not include it in my shoot…and in this case, take one picture from the dragonfly’s viewpoint.

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GHOST of a Chance

GHOST is closing its doors today and as a last hurrah is offering everything at 50% off. GHOST is a fun and innovative store. My favorite tights are GHOST’s prison tights. They are available on OnRez. One of my favorite freebies from OnRez is GHOST’s Dirty Snow. So to say goodbye to GHOST, I wore this Lag Fade top and mini-skirt from GHOST. I paired it with tights from Bijou and shoes from Armidi and added some cute jewelry from Bliensen. For full disclosure, I must point out that the jewelry are review copies and different from my usual style, but I thought they were perfect for this out. You can seem lots more pics on my Flickr because I was trying a bunch of different Windlight settings on the skin to see how it responded to light. 

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untone's nitmantea

Cute Dress

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

Sometimes a dress is so unique, chic and adorable that I find myself putting extra effort into choosing accessories for it. Nitmantea by Untone is just such a dress. First, the fabric texture has to be seen to be believed. My photos cannot do it justice. Its soft and cuddly knitting is comforting to wear, but it also give the baby doll the weight to make it hang flatteringly.  Something this adorable needs shoes that really show it off and that where the Artemys boots from NAIMA come in. And guess what, you can bend your knee and the boots still look wonderful. But I think the topper is the Ghost stockings that seem to tie everything together.

Looking so chic, I planned to stroll down Madison Ave and strut my stuff among the modeling and style greats…but my timing must have been off, the streets of New York City were empty. At least there were no tumbleweeds.

Shape by hatchy, Skin: Amy by RaC, Hair: TFH26 by Boon, Dress: Caramel Milk Nitmantea by untone, Stockings: Prison Stripes by Ghost; Boots: Artemys by Naima

Photographer & Model: Cajsa Lilliehook
Shape by hatchy, Skin: Amy by RaC, Hair: TFH26 by Boon, Dress: Caramel Milk Nitmantea by untone, Stockings: Prison Stripes by Ghost; Boots: Artemys by Naima