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The Ferry


It was a beautiful day – not hot, but with gentle warmth tempered by a soft breeze to freshen the  senses. A perfect day for a ferry ride. Ferries are quite common in the Northwest and range from the small ones that carry  a car or two and some passengers to huge ferries that carry hundreds of cars and buses and semis and the even more hundreds of people. Some ferries cater to tourist excursions but many more are part of people’s everyday commute.


The Ferry from AM Radio is relatively small in size – but it is beautifully made and evokes that sense of romance and adventure that ferries always make me think of.

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Sweet Sunday

I love how wildly you can change your entire persona by merely changing clothes and hairstyles. Take off some black leather and put on some batiste and tulle. Comb out the teasing and put in some pigtails. Change the boots for some sandals and in a few minutes you can go from biker chick to girly-girl. In real life, most of us don’t have a broad enough wardrobe to dress in a dozen personas, but in SL – there seems to be no limit. It’s one of the real pleasures of our new world.

And speaking of girly-girl. Is there any place more girly-girl than Hal*Hina? Just look at the lace on that sleeve. Yummy!

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Casually Chic

Sometimes it’s fun to put an outfit together exactly backwards which is what I did with this one. I started from the outside with the Haute Style Co. jacket – part of the Paulie Dos outfit. I bought the outfit to get this jacket which is just a luscious brown with blue print. The skirt was next from Hal*Hina – the blue bolero outfit. The top is from Kookie and has made a few appearances before in other colors.

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Come Out and Play

I spent a fun morning on the grid, running about, flying hither and thither, and shopping up a storm as well. I even stopped off for a bit of hide and seek in a trunk. Well, actually it’s a posing trunk I picked up at Attetuede where I found so many fun little animations and props that it was hard to choose only one. I have placed it in the Forest Box at MDR for folks to shoot. The outfit I picked up here, there and everywhere… and it’s perfect for play. In particular, the Athlete Heels from Redgrave add a playful bit of fun.

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Mash-Up Fun

I love the Undine Cami from Pixel Dolls though it does present some challenges to mixing and matching as the long trailing bows on the side are on the jacket layer which goes under system skirts. How sillly is that? Jackets should always been on the outside…but that just means finding a non-system skirt with prims that don’t extend too far to the sides. Sure, I could wear the cami with any pair of pants, but I wanted a skirt.  Before going and trying every skirt in my inventory, I remembered Cachet’s Cleo – a dress that had a very restrained and tailored skirt..and sure enough, it was exactly what I needed.

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A little bird told me…

My old boyfriend Schrottvogel Wei has earned a good reputation for his swimsuits, but his main focus has been his custom surfboards. However, he is expanding his bikini line, launching his new store VOGEL with 59 new bikinis. Why 59? It just happened that way. Anyway, Vogel means bird, hence the adorable logo on the derriere and in the post title.

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There is a rose

Women love drop-dead sexy dresses, short dresses, long dresses, all kinds of dresses, but the dresses that make us go “oooh” and do cartwheels in our minds are the truly romantic, soft and innocent dresses like this cream dress from Hal*Hina. This is the sort of dress our dolls wore, a barely there cream, soft pink roses, a wispy layer of organza, ribbons in our hair. We put these kinds of dresses on and hear harp music played by cherubs in clouds.

Hal*Hina is definitely a find. A store with lovely feminine dresses, many for only L50. There’s also a luscious green dress available free to group members. Continue reading