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So last night was the Vaudeville/Burlesque party at The Deck and Sasy took pictures.  I wore this adorable La Biche Corset Dress from Dolita, though I added a skirt to it that you can see after the cut. It’s another great find at Designers United Vaudeville.

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Gotta-Have-It Hair

I am in love with the Jenna hair from Exile released last weekend. If you can only buy one hair style, this should be it. It’s sexy, new and fresh. It’s superb for photos but not so outre that you cannot wear it running around. As Lil C might say, “It’s buck!”

Hair this hawt needs a a dress that is equally hot and the K.I.T. Rue Cambon dress from Mimikri answers the challenge. It’s a gorgeous black and white tweed with echoes of Chanel chic in the cut and form, but with some of the signature Mimikri boldness with the oversize tweed pattern. It’s design genius that flatters your shape up one side and down the other. Put it together with the bedroomy hair over the shoulder and it’s flaming hot.

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Something Old and Something New:Free Speerit and DLizzy

posted by Gidge Uriza

If you are an old enough avatar, you remember that one day Desidelia at Free Speerit decided she wanted to get rid of all the hair at her store and BOOM it was all free. Just like that.

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Too Sexy For My Skirt

Polina Kaestner has made one of the sexiest, cutest skirts ever!!  It is very sheer and your legs will show – and that’s the point! It has a perfectly discreet pair of matching glitch panties and that is enough to keep embarrassment at bay so long as you don’t have a friend like Gidge who actually sent an IM to the entire fashion bloggers group saying she could see my butt and then sent a slurl inviting people to come see my butt.  However, I was not embarrassed. The skirt is adorable and a few glimpses thanks to my AO isn’t going to upset me. I should have just changed AO’s, but Gidge was having too much fun.  Considering that she was wearing the Lonely Goatherd dress and carrying a goat, I think she really didn’t have a leg to stand on.

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Hooray For Moddable Prims!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Creator Tenshi Vielle made me very happy when I tried on her new Georgianna dress. You see, I’m pretty much D-O-N-E with these kind of hot little dresses that never have modable prims. It makes me NUTS not being able to adjust that prim piece TO my big old pixel frame.

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The Allure of Linen

posted by Gidge Uriza

I love natural fibers in my clothes. In RL I’m far too lazy to maintain them or iron them etc, but I love the look and feel of them to the exclusion of anything else.  Faery Sola announced she had made some highwaisted pants about the same time I receive a group gift from the SUPER gracious Pink Outfitters group and well……..they both ended up on my ON the same day.

It’s a top. It’s pants. I got them the same day. It was MEANT to be. Continue reading

Fashionable Relay Challenge

posted by Gidge Uriza

The Pink Plainers by Shiny Things that Tesa used were the building blocks of my fashionable relay challenge entry. I cannot resist the opportunity to hose myself down in girly pepto-bismol pink.

I thought it only fitting that a trip to PINK OUTFITTERS ended in a super girly pink look, to top off these excellent shoes. Continue reading

Before I Was Broke…..I Bought More Hair

posted by Gidge Uriza

There are a handful of jewelers in SL I really like. Bliensen and MaiTai have a special place in my heart, I must confess, because they sent me the first review pack of jewelry I ever got. I still feel the damn way if they send me something, too. “OOO! ME? WHAT? You sent ME a present?”  Delight & joy, like Christmas for a grown up pixel girl.

So you can IMAGINE how perplexed I was when I found this darling necklace sitting in my inventory, and that I not only hadn’t worn it – I hadn’t SHOWN YOU!  What a doofus. Continue reading

Dress You Up In My Love

posted by Gidge Uriza

People shop at different places for different reasons.  I shop at Digit Darkes religiously because it was the first nice store I ever went to. I remember being in awe at how pretty the clothes were, and how amazing the shoes were. Such a step up from the freebie box crap I was wearing. Continue reading

Quick Look:Naive

posted by Gidge Uriza

This is where I wish I was, snuggled up in super soft jammies. However – I may still be in my jammies but I’ m minutes fromwork clothes.

I love a store that dabbles in various fashion elements and Naive runs a gamut from Wedding Formal to these cute jammies. I’m wearing DRAMA QUEEN and COUNTING SHEEP.  Why is it I love SL Jammies so much? I have no idea yet I love to dress up in them.

I chose Aleri Darkes Virgo – Snuggle makeup – I mean, it’s CALLED Snuggle. How could I resist?

Fashion Details

***Review Copies Noted with an R***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Aleri Darkes – Virgo – Snuggle
  • Eyes -FNKY – Purple Rain
  • Hair – Truth – Amy Jane – Barley
  • Jammies – NAIVE Drama Queen (red) and Counting Sheep (green)
  • Nails – Digit Darkes Satin Nails
  • Pose – ANNAH