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Let the Sun Shine!

Now that winter is nearly upon us I felt a nice sunny post for this week’s color in the bloggers challenge was appropriate.  Goldenrod was a challenging color for me as I have very little yellow in my wardrobe, its does not look good on me in RL so I just don’t usually wear it in SL.  But here goes….. found this groovy outfit at Nyte ‘N’ Day and thought “perfect”.  I love the look and the color is fabulous. AND amazingly enough, Gala looks GREAT in yellow (or goldenrod)!

Take a look and see if you don’t agree!

Style notes:

Outfit:  Nyte ‘N’ Day – Retesk, Orange (but I think its Goldenrod)

Jewelry:  Nova – Bangles, Brown

Shoes:  Bax – Prestige, White Leather

Hair:  Sweet – Baroness V1, DT12

Eyes:  Poetic Colors – Bright, Ice Crystals

Skin:  League – Amber, Sunkiss-Pink Champagne

Vaudeville Dance Party

Vaudeville was the great entertainment of the 1880’s to the 1930’s – a variety show of comedy, singers, musicians and any act that could fill the seats. American burlesque grew out of vaudeville and continues to this day with neo-burlesque geniuses like Dita Von Teese.  The Designers United group have honored that heritage with their most recent exhibition and in that spirit, It’s Only Fashion is throwing a party tomorrow night at 8 pm at The Deck – graciously offered by Sasy Scarborough. It will feature vaudeville and burlesque music and some that could be.

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Better Late Than Never, I hope.

I pulled together a Halloween Ball gown last night because I just could not let the night pass without dragging my favorite piece from last year – the Tangled spider skirt from Prim and Pixel Paradise. Since I blogged it last year, I wanted to change it up, so I rummaged in my paper couture folders for a top I remembered that I was sure would work. I think it did.

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Generally speaking, most clubbing dresses are in blacks or jewel tones – which made this white dress from Redgrave a real pleasure to find.  I find that I love the Redgrave store for very different reasons than most people who are addicted to the skins. I, on the other hand, love the clothes, shoes and jewelry at Redgrave. Whether it’s the iconic Biker Boots or sexy little clubbing dresses like this one, there’s a authenticity of detail that draws me in. And…Redgrave knows how to make an avatar look sexy.

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Woot! Woot!

PixelDolls Crochet Dress Kit

In plurk yesterday someone asked where folks buy gestures and I snarked that I don’t buy them because I hate them. I have never used the Woot! or Hoo! gestures. In fact, I deleted them as I do most gestures. So of course, friends have had to send me little messages saying Woot! because that’s  how the world works.

PixelDolls Marie Lace

PixelDolls Marie Lace

Now, about a week ago, I was actually in a position where the Woot! gesture would have been appropriate. You might recall the outfit I wore last week with the black crochet gloves. Folks could not find it, so I im’ed Nephaline Protagonist the creator of PixelDolls and asked if it was still on sale. She said she was going to make it a group gift, but then….the next day I got this off-line IM to email. “Hi sweetie! I tracked down that glove map, and reworked the whole thing a bit- I had quite forgotten what a neat top and stuff that was. I just put some items in my shop that use the maps- I’m sending you copies via Xstreet. Thanks for everything!!! <3”

PixelDolls Marie Crochet

PixelDolls Marie Crochet

Woot! She released three (four if you count the white skirt options) versions of the older dress, reworked so they are even better.  So here they are, thanks in part to you readers asking how to find those gloves, which prompted me to ask, prompting her to revisit those old files. And seriously, these dresses are too sexy by half – whether the daring crochet or the slightly more demure lace, with or without the corset. These are clothes for when you are hell bent on seduction and some of the hottest gloves ever.

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A Whole Lotta Olé

When I put on the wonderful flamenco-inspired dress Aibell from StoRin I fell in love with the skirt and its lovely form and structure. Flamenco made me think of Spain and of course of the magnificent traje de lus that a torero would wear in the bull ring. I had just the thing, an outfit from Bare@Rose that was typical Bare@Rose – complete and detailed and perfect from head to toe. Putting the two together seemed inevitable.

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Made For Each Other

I suppose technically these two pieces, the LeeZu sweater and the Mimikri pants, cannot possibly be made for each other, but even if they had been, they could not possibly make a better pairing. White the cream on cream prints are not identical, they are as compatible as they can possibly be.  I think cream and beige and winter whites are some of the most sophisticated colors and when well blended, they create such an urbane and chic look that the more usual black cannot achieve.

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It was a dark and stormy night

As the April 15th deadline nears for this year’s Bulwer-Lytton contest, I thought I might encourage you to check out the web site. It’s an annual award for bad writing and by bad writing, I mean really bad writing.  I was reading the 2008 results and laughing and thought you all might enjoy a good laugh, too, so I decided to shoot this great jacket and pants from Ibizarre in a “dark and stormy night” setting.  Ibizarre had a 10L sale on everything on the second floor and not one to resist a great sale, I found myself on a mad, but inexpensive, shopping spree. The black and white print jacket is beautifully made and the striking Fitzgerald belt from Lelutka really sets it off.

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