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Las Calaveras de Glam Affair

Glam Affair Dia de los Muerto

This month’s Collabor88 will open at midnight with an exciting theme centered on the delightfully macabre Burtonesque palette and mood board. I am sure there are some people in the world who do not like Tim Burton’s work, but they are probably unhappy. I headed off to Deadman’s Island, a haunted sim with a beautiful ghost ship. I think Tim Burton would like it a lot.

I think Tim Burton should do a film about las calaveras, the happy, delightful sugar skulls that mark the celebration of All Saint’s Day in Mexico. The Day of the Dead is not Halloween, in many ways it is the opposite of Halloween. After all, Halloween focuses on fear of the dead and the Mexican celebration of el día de los muertos is a welcoming visit with the much beloved dead. Families visit the cemetery and spend the day with their dead, leaving ofrendas (offerings) such as food and wine and the lovely pan de los muertos. They also will place photos and even a soap, mirror and razor so the dead can freshen up for the coming year.

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When a Picture Is Not Enough

There were a few dresses at Fashion For Life that really needed more than a picture. A thousand words might help, but I think in this case a video that can be made easily with the help of Video production company Toronto is a better option. These two dresses from Likka House are great fun costumes. They would justify planning your own circus party – Look at the carousel horses. When you are running out and about you can turn them off so you won’t lag.

Ghee’s Gown of a Different Color and the Laced Up shoes are kind of crazy wonderful creations that reminds me of that old group, Not Possible In Real Life. Do you remember the group? I loved it and miss it quite a bit – it was a celebration of all that is special and unique about Second Life – just as these outfits are.

Forgive my poor videography, my computer is old and tired and when I do a video it crawls in a corner, curls into a fetal position and whimpers.

AO: Sweet Lovely Cute
Skin: G O L A \ Alice in Wonderland -No Hairbase-
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Eon eyes Duo Green (med)
Lashes: Lelutka
Mani/Pedi: SLink Mesh Nailt with FLAIR mani applier
Hair: Tukinowaguma Celso
Clothing:  LIKKA HOUSE L*H Carousel-West of the Moon-
and Likka House L*H Carousel-East of the Sun
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Paramour Boots – Black
and lassitude & ennui Jolenta – gold_red
(Violet Voltaire) – Queen of Hearts –  Earrings
Poses: Humanoid Dance – Elena
Skin: ::EM:: Emma Skin NAtural NJ
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Eon eyes Duo Green (med)
Lashes: Lelutka
Mani/Pedi: SLink Mesh Hands & Feet with FLAIR mani applier
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * JAMIE *
Clothing:  ghee Gown of a Different Color
Shoes: ghee Lace Up Sandal of A Different Color
Jewelry: JUMO:. Ekevu Diamond Jewelry Set

A Flock of Geese?


As I am typing this a flock of geese are honking overhead and I am wondering what they think they are doing. It is January, weeks too early for them to be heading north. I hope it is not a harbinger of an even warmer summer. That reminds me of a song on Donald Fagen’s recent album. The chorus goes something like, ” They may fix the weather in the world, just like Mr. Gore said. But tell me what’s to be done, Lord, about the weather in my head.”


Thankfully Second Life lets us find any kind of weather we want. With the geese outside making me think of spring, I set out to find banks of flowers and found exactly what I needed at The Garden, the lovely sim with a quest game. I didn’t do the quest this morning, but I did find some flowers and stretch and enjoy the sun. Certainly my clothing is perfect for a sunny day with the flirty little skirt from Tee*fy that I picked up at Collabor88. The top is a brand new release from MiaMai and combines casual comfort with great design details such as the draped top, pleated front gathered with the tiny bow. My pumps are a new release from Nzuri.


I dug out this fun and playful jewelry from Violet Voltaire and chose a fun mop of hair from Truth. See how delightfully the bow gathers the bodice?


My skin is Belleza’s new Ava. As always, Belleza’s skins are classic and restrained except this time Tricky Boucher went just a bit crazy and released eleventyseven billion shades of lipstick tattoos. Sadly, I can only wear one at a time.

Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: EverGlow
Skin: -Belleza- Ava Fair Red 1
Makeup Tattoos: -Belleza- Ava Fair Matte Lips 4
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard
Maitreya V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes
Mani/Pedi: SLink Mesh Hands
Hair: >TRUTH< Devina w/Roots - quince Clothing: Miamai_Karna Pink Tee*fy Emily Mini Flare Skirt Creme Shoes: "Nzuri" Sysy Pumps - Purple Leather Jewelry: {Violet Voltaire} Lollipop Guild Location: The Garden

Raid My Halloween Closet


In another installment for the Raid My Closet challenge, I dug way back to Halloween’s past (2008) for this Katatonik Day of the Dead dress. It’s survived dozens of inventory purges simply because I love it – even though there’s not much chance to wear it.
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Three Day Weekend


We are taking a short vacation at It’s Only Fashion while our blog migrates to a privately hosted server run by Kesseret Steeplechase. We have been wanting to do this for a long time, but neither of us had the technical fortitude to take it on. This will allow us to do some things we can’t do on regular wordpress which makes us happy. However, that does mean a short vacation while Kess moves stuff and the new DNS percolates through the web. It has me so excited, I jumped for joy. Thank goodness I was wearing mesh!


My dress is from Prizm and the style is called Adele. It comes in different prints and this one is called San Diego Dots. I think is should have been called Torley Scrumptious. While it is rigged and their medium fit my medium standard sized frame, I did have to reduce my upper leg size just a bit to keep my thigh from showing right at the very bottom of the green band below the blouson skirt.
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Merry Christmas, Samara!


Samara Barzane is a friend and fellow blogger (The 3 Fashionteers) who braved the dangers of volunteering to be a guest stylist. But you know, that’s one of the defining characteristics of Samara for me – she’s game to do anything. When there’s a roll call of people to volunteer, she steps forward.  I tp’ed her up to my platform to see her outfit and knew immediately where I wanted to shoot.


I saw that fabulous combination of the form-fitting cashmere sweater with the floaty sheer tulle skirt and the magnificent tights and immediately thought of China – the black and white sim. Setting windlight to Strawberry Singh’s fabulous Silver setting, I started snapping away.

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My Morning Puzzle Was…Where Is My Shirt?

This morning I was confused. I knew exactly what shirt I wanted. I couldn’t recall having WORN it though. But I knew I had it, and it was perfect for a half day at work and I had it all planned what I was going to wear.

As I stumbled around in the early AM it came to me. This shirt was from Miamai.

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Deviant Girls

Deviant Girls is a legitimate title for this post as that is the store where I bought this dress. However, I admit I am giggling at the thought of porn surfers getting a little disappointment as they land here. Deviance is such a nebulous concept. After all it merely means turning off from the main road, so to speak. Who wants to always drive the main road? Those blue lines on the map are always more interesting and prettier than the red highways. On the other hand, I do love the red lines in this dress – the fabulous ribbons that elevate this from a nice gown to fabulous fashion!

The skirt on this dress is magic. It floats and waves in the wind. It’s a bit tricky to photograph with all the alphas in it, but anytime alphas drive you batty, just look from another angle and voila!

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From Sad to Glad With One Stop at Reale


It took me a couple days to pull this look together – and in the process I got to feeling very mournful for all the stores that have left Second Life® recently. Economic hard times find people cutting back and many of the stores in Second Life have had some rough months.  It’s tough seeing favorite stores and creative designers leave.

Shiny Things

It all began with the shoes. I picked these up at Shoe Fair though they have been available at Shiny Things since May. I loved the style and had a few things in my inventory that would work with them. However, the first three outfits I pulled together out of my inventory were from stores that had closed – Liberte, Vogart and Uncle Wiggley. How sad to see them gone. Not wanting this streak to continue, I decided to go shopping instead. Since I was looking for something floral and contemporary for the boots, I headed to Reale, where I knew that there would be some good prints.

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