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Whimsy At Fashion For Life


I thought this would be a whimsical final post for my exploration of the Fashion For Life event. It’s the Nyte’N’Day Pop Dress and it’s been a hit and been featured in several posts. However, everyone has a different approach to styling, which is what makes fashion so interesting. With styling, ten people can wear the same thing and still have very different looks. For me, I added some capri length leggings for a more casual look.
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Dotty is as dotty does

I have mentioned my love of polka dots before. I don’t know why, but they make me smile. No insult intended to squares and triangles and rhombi, but they just don’t press my happy button the way these lovely little round circles do. Polka dots often make me think retro and rockabilly. They make me think of Rizzo and Jive-Talkin’ and dancing the night away.  Certainly this fun little set of separates from A-Bomb would have made Rizzo happy any day of the week.

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One of the wonderful trends in pose-making is the expansive development of photoboxes – photo sets in a box complete with poses and props. Pose Fair introduced me to a new pose store called Juxtapose (such  a clever name) that made this great urban graffiti photobox. For this set, I decided to wear the Easter special from Mimikri – the ultra-modern Tussi dress in red.

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Variations on a Theme in Purple

The names of classical songs crack me up. With few exceptions, the names are not designed for remembering. Luckily for me, I have some friends who are classical musicians and so have enjoyed more than one conversation where people toss about this “concerto in D Major” and that “concerto in E Major” and seem to know exactly what they are talking about. Now if this outfit were a musical composition, I might call it Variations on a Theme in Purple in A Minor – A as in Aphrodite Creations whose marvelous Perdu dress is the base of this outfit.

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She's a Rocker

Poor Allison on American Idol. Why did she get trashed for her outfit? It actually had the potential for fabulous and only a few changes would have made it great, but still, it’s a singing competition, not America’s Top Model.  Actually, there were worse outfits on the stage that night and at least Allison’s dress fit her. I thought I might show how that outfit could look great – and used the lovely Saturday dress from Baiastice to show you.

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