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Shoe Art at Shoetopia on the Last Day.



Shoes like these from BSD Design Studio are not for the faint of heart, but for the daring. They are works of art – as surely as anything in a gallery space. In fact, they deserve galley space. These are from BSD Design Studio where you can always find bold, innovative haute fashion designs. Since the advent of Gos auto-tinting and Slink appliers, I have become spoiled and resist having to tint feet, but it was worth the bother to put these lovely shoes on.
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Go For It


I have been seeing this fabulous damask dress from Vero Moderno lately, a bold red and white baroque pattern with modern styling such as dolman sleeves that drape open from the shoulder to the hem of the sleeve. I don’t know why, but when I saw the ad for Pesca’s shawl at The Arcade Gacha event, I immediately knew I wanted to pair the red plaid with the Vero Moderno dress. Plaid and damask are not patterns that come together naturally, but I decided to go for it. I think it works because the prints have similar values but different densities.

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1967 was the prelude to the Summer of Love. Rolling Stone published its first issue. Ralph Nader came to the attention of the public with his book “Unsafe at any Speed” which launched consumer activism. Gas was 33 cents a gallon. Radio London started broadcasting. And Scott McKenzie sang “If you’re going to San Franciso,” the anthem calling youth to the Monterey Pop Festival. Resistance to the Vietnam War was growing and Muhammed Ali was stripped of his heavyweight boxing title for refusing induction into the army. The Beatles released Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart Clubs Band and the Magical Mystery Tour and Kurt Cobain was born. You can come to 1967 at The Velvet tonight from 7 to 9 SLT as Maht Wuyts continues his Rock per Annum tour of the last 52 years of music.


Inspired by the San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in your Hair) song, I decided to wear this Flower Children outfit from Gizza. You can find it at the Vintage Fair in two colors. This is the red one – as bright and vibrant as the music that played at the Monterey Pop Festival. The outfit includes the top, pants and the crocheted shrug and all have resize scripts to help you fit them.
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Getting out of the studio


Having spent the past week watching runway shows and snapping pics mainly in my Glow Box, it was fun to get out of the studio and snap pics in-world again. You will be seeing them soon, these were shot on the 4th before Modavia Fashion Week and busy, busy, busy days. I love the casual outfit and the gorgeous top from Malt and have been eager to share it with you.

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Welcome Back Adam N Eve!

Posted by Gidge Uriza

This is just a quick note to say Welcome Back to one of the mainstay stores on the Grid and a thanks to a couple of my favorite creators. Sachi sent out a gift bag to bloggers with skins and clothes and hair to announce their grand re-opening a few days ago but I’m sloooooooooow posting.

So welcome back and we’re glad to see you back with such fun and enthusiasm. Click this link for their blog and to see the really festive metallic skins she’s recently posted!

This is more of a congrats on your grand re-opening than a fashion post 😛


Style Notes:

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Hair – Adam & Eve blogger gift – Willful
  • Shirts – Adam & Eve  blogger gifts – hoody and tank
  • Jeans – Yak & Yeti ripped jeans
  • Jewelry – Dark Mouse-Twisted Bangles
  • Boots – Dark Mouse – Sh*t Kicker Boots

Hot Little Number

This is a great 70’s inspired print dress from bdreams with a down to there neckline. Recognizing that silk trim would not really stay in place while actually moving,  the designer placed some strategic strings to avoid any M moments in PG sims. Verisimilitude like that is always appreciated.

The stunning jewelry from everything’s-free Yak & Yeti accentuate the bright pinks with the tourmaline stones.  The MADesigns hair is chic and short.

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Salut to Neferia and The Art of the Party Dress

posted by Gidge Uriza

There is a very short list of creators who make what I call “traditional party dresses” of high quality. I have always counted on Ivalde to supply me with a good deal of my inventory in this category, I suppose because it was the 1950s in my last life? Continue reading

Dreams of Dior

Annalee Balut of ALB Dream Fashion knows nearly every fashionista dreams of wearing a Dior gown or two or three and so has made stunning reproductions of some of Dior’s marvelous spring 2009 couture collection where Dior indulged in the purest romaniticism possible, creating dresses for a modern Trianon. In real life, fashion design is a symbiosis of current and historical trends with imagination and creativity. SL designers are also influenced by RL design and sometimes reproduce or reinterpret particularly iconic RL designs.  You can see recreations of stunning wedding gowns and red carpert Oscar gowns around the grid. Some find this controversial, but I feel that so long as designers openly name their inspiration so said RL designer could easily discover the homage/reproduction and don’t try to hide anything, that it more a tribute to the RL designer than anything else.

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Sundays Are For Exploring & a Photo Tip

Sundays are probably when I spend the most time just playing on the grid, exploring sims and generally just having a lot of fun before heading over to the Velvet for Maht’s DJ session that I know will always be a fun and interesting set. This Sunday’s set featured singers and bands from Chicago – and it was a revelation how much great music comes from the Windy City considering he didn’t play any blues.  I dressed in a hurry for the session, but love the look that came together. Afterwards, I headed out to Sasy Scarborough’s new digs:

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