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Be My Monster Love


Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I DJ’ed at The Velvet. I put together a set that was about all sides of love, the sweet hopeful love of Valentine’s Day Lovers and the doomed and bitter love of the anti-Valentine’s brigade. It covered many genres and was altogether great fun and good music. Also great fun was this short dress from Legal Insanity, a Valentine’s Day gift. I generally don’t wear graphics on my clothing, but this appealed to me and seemed too perfect for my set to wear anything else.


Maybe I should have shot a close-up to show the fabulous booties from Baiastice. These were released at Shoetopia, but they will be fresh for a long time with their immaculate construction and gorgeous studded heels.

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Wake Me Up When September Ends


I will be happy to see the end of this September. It has been an eventful month, one that seems to be unbalanced by a shortage of good news. It made me think of this Green Day song that suits my mood.

I am a firm believer, though, in the power of dressing to cheer yourself up and this tunic from LouLou&Co for Marquis Market is definitely a cheer yourself up fabric.

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This simple little dress from Drift is a perfect summer dress, loose-fitting and casual. It comes with a HUD so you can choose all the colors. In fact, it comes with two textures, a cotton knit and this lovely satin and each texture has its own little hud full of color. However, I thought I would wear it with some leggings because it was a little breezy and I was afraid the wind would catch it and cause an indiscretion. The Lydia Slingbacks that Ingenue did for Collabor88 are as perfect as can be.



The bolt leggings from MichaMi sure look great with it. I had to go to XS to get it to fit under the dress, but that okay since the dress covers the skinny butt. Well, not completely. When I walked, the dress and leggings intersected from behind, so moving was more of a circumnavigation so that I faced forward.

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Hiatus No More



My computer is back! New logic board, new graphics card and new adapter. I actually got it back last night, but then my wireless router when fuzzy and I could not access the internet. It almost made me feel as though the internet was picking on me. However, it’s fixed now and I am back. It felt good to log in and put on a new outfit and freshen up a bit. I even did a manicure, using the new polish applicators from FLAIR.



I picked up this jacket and skirt last month while I was hunting around Mimikri for a good jacket to wear with something. This jacket did not work for what I needed at the moment, but I loved it and the skirt that coordinates with it. Actually, I pulled the jacket from one color set and the skirt from another just to have a little extra contrast, but for folks who like their jackets and skirts to match, they can buy them in matching colors, too.  I love the prints and the casual elegance of the styling. Continue reading

A Good Day for Tweed



Today is a good day for tweed. The sun is shining and it is colder than usual. There is enough wind to make the cold work its way to your bones if you are not dressed for the weather. But put on some nice wool tweeds and you will be impervious to the wind and ready for anything. When the tweeds look as good as these, you will be more than ready.  Continue reading

It was a casual Sunday


Sunday was a casual day for me – at least at first. It opened with my morning set at The Velvet. Two hours of jazz from old and new greats such as Stan Getz and Sonny Williams to Andy Sheppard. I love my Sunday morning sets because they start the day off right. However, I then was asked if I would DJ a gallery opening for Stephen Venkman’s new show at Patron. I didn’t have any pressing plans that could not be delayed, so I agreed and am so glad I did. The artwork was amazing and it was fun to pull together a photo-centric set together.

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The Best Color in the World


“The best color in the whole world is one that looks good on you.”
Coco Chanel

I thought of that quote when I saw the wonderfully rich, saturated colors in the new leggings from MichaMi, because I think all of them would look good on me. Alas and alack, I had to choose and opted for this rich brick red, one of my favorite colors.  She made the leggings to coordinate with a colorful print top that she also produced in a range of colors that show her mastery of putting color together.

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Reminders of Home


I had to smile when I saw the new Hana sweater from Redgrave. It made me think of my mother and the wonderful Scandinavian knit sweaters she would knit for me each year. I had one very similar to this one with the Yule pattern. Mine was knit with silvery gray, white and a dusty rose yarn with several rows of geometric patterns from the neckline and down the yoke with a solid silvery gray from the yoke to the bottom. My sweater was full length though I kind of replicated that with the tank top underneath. I loved my sweaters and always admired my mother’s ability to knit such delicate and intricate patterns. Of course, since it took so long to make them, I was never surprised at Christmas.

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It’s 3PM So It Must Be Zenith


Chic Management’s new monthly showcase FAIR has a clever organizing framework. Each monthly showcase is limited to twelve designers each of whom are assigned an hour of the day to serve as their inspiration. It’s a lovely conceit and for many of the items, I could see how the time of day inspired their design immediately. It is fun to walk the clock and try to figure out if I can follow their train of thought. Some were less successful than others are making an obvious connection to their time of day, but I like the challenge and seeing their efforts to meet it.

Miffyhoi Rosca of Zenith was assigned 3 PM and coincidentally, I am typing this very sentence at 3:01 PM. I can’t quite make the connection between the time of day and the off-shoulder sweater, but I certainly can make a connection to the sweater. It comes in three colors and also has matching socks that I did not put on. It’s comfy and cozy and so chic at the same time.

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