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I Love Rock & Roll

Oh, the Malice dress from Indyra Originals is quite the twofer. You see, you have a choice of wearing the sheer version (shown) or the opaque version. Feeling like a rocker, I went for the sheer version since it’s not too sheer and is discreet in all the right places. Putting it one, I felt like I was ready to join Joan Jett, Krissy Hynde or Patti Smith and rock out. Well, if I could only sing, that is.

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Not Too Shabby

Hybrid Ansar of Not Too Shabby did not know that I just selected a trove of red and black dresses from Modern Gypsy when she gave me this lovely prefab loft for Christmas. But seriously, if she had been reading my mind, she could not have chosen more perfectly. Small lofts like this often make great photo sets, but this one stands out for it’s brilliance as a piece of art. It made me feel so very high concept that I had to pull out my DARE poses – the most high concept poses in Second Life and get all arty with some of the Robert Longo poses and other poses from seminal photographers.

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Dress Me Up: Cajsa by Harper

For my last Dress Me Up Challenge, Harper said “Nuff of this pink stuff. I want some hard core goth–skin and all. Make all the vamp boys sweat. Make all the emo girls suffer. Do it up, Casja ;)” Well, I don’t think vampires sweat, but I can check on that. I think I  may have missed it on this challenge, I don’t see much sweating and suffering in my reader’s future as a result of this outfit.

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Taking Lingerie Out of the Closet, Pt. IV

Until Second Life® gives us more clothing layers so we can wear our lingerie under our clothes, we women of SL are kept from experiencing one of RL’s great pleasures in SL – the knowledge that under the paint-spattered overalls, the cook’s apron, the doctor’s scrubs, the power suit our underwear is silky, soft and sexy.  Until then, I guess the best we can do to get a similar joie de lingerie is to drag it out of the closet and wear it so it shows, in this case by pairing a sexy bra with a sheer top.

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*Sheer* Elegance

*Sheer* Stockings is one of those stores that do one thing and do it better than anyone. They make sheer fabric stockings in several designs. Gorgeous stockings like the Waves stockings I am wearing with this dress. The dress is also from Sheer, but I would argue that it continues their expertise in working with sheer fabrics. The bodice is made on three layers. If you wear one layer, it’s very revealing. If you wear three, it’s demure. And if you wear two, as I am, it’s flirtatiously seductive. At first glance, it seems demure, but if your partner is really looking at you, he will get an eyeful – front and back. There are more photos on my flickr

I wore it to the opening of my good friend, Pielady Small’s show at The Bluffs last night. It was a sim-filling party. She had to send my TP timed when someone left. It took a while to get there, but her work is stunning and worth the many, many attempts to TP in. The Pato Milo Trio broadcast live from their RL show @ Restaurante Bocci in Vallejo, California and the crowd noises in the background really added to the convivial atmosphere of the party. 

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