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Cajsa Copycat

It only takes a few cotton candy cosmos and a bottle of cheap fruity wine to make me decide to blog exactly the same dress as Cajsa just blogged.

Because I’m funny like that.

I had the sense to pick out a different color of Baiastice’s NORA dress which is a limited edition piece of the CHIC event, whose theme is Sweet and Sour. I can’t decide which this retro inspired cocktail dress is. I’m always sweet, so that must be it. It’s sweet. Or it could be sour as I could imagine desperate cougars wearing this about trying to look young and beautiful like me. Continue reading

New Hair for My Sn@tch

It’s still freezing cold so I needed a warm sweater and scarf from Sn@tch to keep me toasty while I brought out some new hair releases for your viewing pleasure.

New from Truth are Tilda and Yolanda. YAY for a BANG option ! Bangs rock my socks Truth!

Kavar has also released new hair-do’s and I love his new long styles.

The short style is boy hair, but I CAN WEAR BOY HAIR I CAN I CAN I CAN.

Now, go, buy hair. You need new hair.

Style Notes:

  • Skin – Tuli – Emma – Sunkisses – 04 Flair
  • Hairs – Noted Above Truth and Exile
  • Clothes – Sn@tch – ALL
  • Boots – Sn@tch
  • Nails – Ibizarre
  • Lashes – Mozz
  • Eyes – Cupcakes

A Day In The Life of a Very Spoiled Kitty

posted by Gidge Uriza

Yaaaaawn Stretch. Hiyas everyone. You all have Callie Cline to blame for my transformation into the most spoiled kitty on The Grid. I just went over to buy a couple of dresses, but there it was, the tail by Psychotic Neko for Callie Cline and the diamond Nekoture ears…….and I was hooked. Come on, how could I not love something THIS girly?

I thought I’d torture you and make you follow the glammiest, prissiest kitty ever around for a day. There are even two SUPER SPECIAL GUEST STARS in today’s post, but you gotta WAIT for them!

To start our kitty day, we need a bath. NO, we are not afraid of water. As long as the water comes from a fancy roman bath…….quit staring, you bum lookers.

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Pink Shirt Day:How Bullies Made Me Gidge

posted by Gidge Uriza

When I was in High School, I was plagued by being smart enough to take classes ahead of my own grade level. My sophomore year I ended up in a Senior Level biology class, and had this misfortune to take a seat in the midst of three jock bullies on day one of class.

I should’ve known, should’ve switched seats when I heard one of them whisper “This chick looks smart, let’s get her at our table she can do all the work.”

And our teacher, intimidated by the fact that at 17 years old these mongrols were man sized – turned the cheek as week after week they harrassed and bullied me.  They would steal my work and copy it, break anything of mine they could get their hands on. They’d pull stools out from under me so that I’d fall when I tried to sit down, poke me with pins so that I would move my arm that they could copy my work.

But the most annoying thing they’d do, believe it or not, was call me Gidget at first and then after weeks passed – Gidge. Oh my god their neanderthal brains thought that this was hilarious – as my RL name is Bridgette. THE SHEER WIT OF IT NEARLY COLLAPSED THEM WITH LAUGHTER. Continue reading

What To Wear on a Zeppelin Ride?Nymphetamine!

posted by Gidge Uriza

There is something just so sassy about the releases I receive from Nymphetamine. I smile as they rezz. I really love the creativity and just FUN that goes into each creation.  I have no practical use for this dress yet- I sort of think that everyone should own it, just because it’s so much fun it hurts. MY GOD just look at the bustle (I’m calling it a bustle but it goes all the way around so now I’m just making up terms. I’m American. We do that.)

This dress is a classic example of the duplicity of Victorian fashion. Demure, simple and lady like fashions were extolled (see – it’s just black and white that’s simple, right?) yet the ornamentation was just over the top to make up for the subtle fabric. Continue reading

It's a Tarty Party At Callie Cline for 50L

posted by Gidge Uriza

The classic holiday tartan is on sale at Callie Cline through Sunday for 50L in GREEN! It’s a perfect pick up for the holidays. I’ve added the brand new Monica hair from EXILE – drool Kavar it’s awesome, and the fantastic 10L bangles from Second Wave Apparel – Asian Bangles in cinnabar. Continue reading

Not Your Granny's Granny Square

How many of you have a granny square afghan made by some older relative who tirelessly crocheted multitudes of color scraps of yarn into rosettes and squares and then painstakingly sewed or crocheted them together?  Well, Crochet takes that ubiquitous crocheted rosette favored by grannies the world over and puts them to very un-grannylike use.  Ahem…I present to you the  Crochet Candy Bikini & Skirt – though it would be more appropriately named Shock Your Granny!

Granny says Eep!

Granny says "Eep!"

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Denim Days

It’s Friday – and I am feeling casual and denim suits my mood, so luckily there’s this lovely little jumper from Kunglers in a soft denim. With grey denim trim at the waist, this is a nice casual day dress that goes anywhere. Suiting all weather, too, as you can easily slip a turtleneck sweater underneath.

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