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And now for something completely different

Feeling a bit fey last night, I decided to take the Cambridge Cuffed shirt from Armidi and see if I could give it a “quaintly unconventional” look. After all, what could be more conventional than a plain button-down shirt? A fun challenge, then, to give it an unconventional twist. Browsing my inventory, I tried a few skirts, but the instant I put on Nell from LBD, the search was over.

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Joy, Bliss and General Goodwill

Whilst previewing a new gown from Phoenix Rising called Darken Bliss (shown below the cut) I just fell in love with the corset top and wanted to show it off with another style option. With a name like Bliss I decided it needed a little more goodwill and opted for the sleek, svelte and sexy pencil skirt from Mimikri called Joy. Bliss and Joy, I think we should all sing Kumbayah.

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My New Winter Coat

I tolk you last week how I discovered Modern Gypsy when I met Staci Bernard looking impeccably styled and gorgeous in a wonferful coat. But then I didn’t show you the coat. I am rectifying that today. This is the wonderful coat I saw and, if you will indulge the conceit and ignore attachment point limits, the dress underneath it.

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LeeZu Baxter has made a gorgeous jacket that I absolutely adore even though it eats up my necklace attachment points. Actually, I totally love it so long as I look at it from the front. I like it from the back, but wish she had not put text on the back. I am not a text on my clothing sort of gal.

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Curio-usly Mismatched

A short post while I work away on my blog project that I hope to finish tonight – I am halfway there. It takes some running around in-world, so I dressed for urban trekking in this fun jacket from LBD. The colors demanded an equally vibrant makeup, so I wore Curio’s Mismatch. There is a close up after the cut. Continue reading

Belted In

by Cajsa Lilliehook

I have been itching to post about these luscious pants from LeeZu Baxter for awhile now. I like babydoll dresses and think they are cute, but nothing seems more feminine to me that clothing that accentuates the waist. I am sure my love of vintage styles is as much for the way they define and flatter the figure as for the rich and luscious fabrics of the past. Most pants are designed to emphasize bootie, but these pants give the waist some love. 

With all the different colored belts, I could choose any blouse, but went for the faded rose color – a color that flatters nearly every complexion. The blouse is sheer and sexy and I might wear it alone for some occasions, but for wandering and exploring the grid – out and about among strangers, I took the safe route and wore a lacy bra underneath. My partner Maht had one comment, “Digital prude!!!”  I should have told him that I was wearing PornStar Hi-Tops. : )

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