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If You're Happy & You Know It Clap Your Hands! *clap clap*

Elllooo!! We made it!! We are at the half mark of the week!! If you havent noticed I have been in a more casual mood than anything and today I bring you another pair of pants from Tea Time that are bright.. and funnnn!! I am also in love with the jacket around my waist!! It is from Fishy Strawberry!!  It changes textures and I just love it and do not wear it enough!! lol sooooo check it ouuuutt!!

The couch that I am on is from Sways.. It has just a few poses for couples and a few single poses… I love the couch because of all the bright pretty colors… I love patch work and its it just too cute… not to mention.. When I was a kiddo I use to sit with my legs over the back of the couch and my head dangling off.. Just like this!! 😛 Continue reading

That must have been some battle

I won this dress!  And after Iota told me about the inspiration for the dress – The Battle of Rajasthan – I think it’s so appropriate that I won it. To be completely honest, I don’t see a battle going on in the dress – unless it’s a battle between pink and green. If so, well the wearer is the victor. Iota made this dress in several shades and it took me almost two weeks to pick the one I wanted. There’s a gorgeous blue and yellow that had my name on it, too.  However, since retiring from photography, I have to watch my lindens more closely and happily winning 2nd in one of her photo contests, I was able to get one. I love pink and green together – just about more than anything…so this is it. The dress is called Junko – after one of Iota’s friends, but no matter the name, or the inspiration, the fabric is just amazingly detailed and beautiful.

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Quick Look: Maple

So I looking for Untone Quilt at an old SLurl, I happened on Maple where real life creations are brought into second life – and the photo of the original is shown so you can see how well the design has been translated. Honestly? I think I like the Second Life versions best.  Here are three lively and fun print blouses from Maple.

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Back To Work? Really?

posted by Gidge Uriza

It’s alleged that it is Monday Morning and that this means I need to put on a suit and act like a grownup and not some pixel fashionista.

Sigh. Who’s plan IS this anway? I didn’t vote for it. I should send out a memo….

Or just stay swaddled in another super fun production by June Dion’s BARE ROSE. Bare Rose as we all know is great for boxing up several versions of their clothes and for often giving you accessories (FTW) and goodies to complete your look.

TOY SHOP GIRL is no exception.

Including the jeans, top, bag and all the other accessories (most of which are just images on the bag or the shirt which is good, you aren’t carting around a lot of prims and they are well done and look good). It also includes the glasses which Cajsa insists make me look like Sarah Palin.

A small part of me died upon hearing that. Continue reading

Wake Up!

There’s nothing like a bright sunny dress to wake you up and lift your mood when your spirits are dragging. Every once in awhile the 222 cloudy days we get each year gets oppressive and I need some sunshine. Sure, I use the full spectrum lightbulbs but I mean I need some bright sunny pop of warmth. That’s when I turn to fashion. This dress from LiNe is a sunny day on a hangar and ready for you to take out of your closet anytime you need some sun.

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When I grow up..

If you ever said “When I grow up I want to be a princess” have I got a dress for you. While walking the boots at Relay For Life I came upon DeGroot Innovations and saw this and went “ooh” and then “ohh la la” and then “ooh” again. Yes, this is the dress of childhood princess dreams and grownup fantasies.

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Candy and Cigarettes

posted by Gidge Uriza

It all started with a blogpost on Freestyle about a free snowboard! I was bored, had no one to hang out with and though, Hey – I’ll go get that snowboard. That’d be a hoot.

Except I couldn’t FIND it. I round RAY SKIN just fine, and I found a lot of cute freebie clothes (worn) but no snow board. Now, as will happen when there is a post from Freestyle, it was kind a crackalackin busy with freebie hunters and folks checking out a store new to them. So it was lagarrific and hard to get around. There probably WAS a snowboard and I couldn’t FIND It. Continue reading

Quick Look – SWA's Perfect Denim Skirt

posted by Gidge Uriza

When I got a “perfect fit” denim skirt dropped on me the other day, I was a bit skeptical. But when I drug it out, saw the fun purple denim AND the fact that when I put it on – the center panel prim was really simple to adjust to make look right on MY Shape……I was like “Okay, this might be the PERFECT Fit skirt!” Continue reading

Quick Look – LINE

posted by Gidge Uriza

Cajsa took me to Line to check out the boots, but I ended up being mesmerized by the clothes as well. You might not know it, but I have a ridiculous collection of green shirts and sweaters in my RL in shades of this color of green. Continue reading

Don't Fence Me In

I would rewrite that old, old song to say “Give me layers, lots of layers, and the ability to mod, don’t fence me in.” Take for example, this gorgeous cardigan. The wonderful Fair Isle knit and the lovely button details make me love it, but it’s a grumpy sort of love because it’s no mod. However, I did work around that and managed to make it fit me after all, but only after getting frustrated enough to close up Second Life and go chop up soup fixings into teeny tiny pieces.

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