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Dress Me Up Challenge: Cajsa by Luna

I think you should picture me shaking my fist and hollering, “I’ll get you, my pretty!” after completing this last, but certainly not the least, Dress Me Up Challenge. It was a tough one. I only hope I succeeded with the brief from Luna Jubilee.

I think you should bring Disco back! That’s right – Disco … but Disco Skating baby!! Legwarmers, skates, that onepiece leotard that looks like a bathing suit and big poofy pigtails.  Good Luck!!  *giggles*

I have one big request. Bax Coen, make me some roller skates!!!

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Hibiscus Dreams

The lone hibiscus

waits for the sun to bloom:

morning’s first offering

Ram Krishna Singh

I am sure I am not alone in excited anticipation when I hear that Eshi Otawara has made a new gown.  I know with certainty that it will be creative, unique and lovely. Sure, there are some for which I merely admire the creativity and unique creative vision without having any desire to own it myself. However, more often than not, her dresses thrill me with their feminine beauty and wild leaps of imagination.  Her newest, Hibiscus Dream is such a gown.

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I love Innovations, with a capital or a lower case I. DG Innovations has long been a favorite store since I first discovered it last year looking for a ball gown for Christmas. It’s well named as the fashions range far and wide in inspiration but stay close to home and consistent in quality.  I wasn’t looking or needing anything new when I dropped by Innovations yesterday – not at all – but then I saw this and all was lost.

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Vicious Girls 2.0

posted by Gidge Uriza

Looking for a fun Urban Decay sort of spot to shoot, Cajsa and I hearkened back to our past and went to the newly remodeled Vicious Wasteland. With ability to build and run scripts, this is a great spot for shooting photos or people – depending on your preference.

We were choosing to spotlight the fashions of one of The Grid’s Russian designer’s Olya Lowey. Olya’s designs vary between ultra-modern visions of future fashions to Romanov velvet influences, all with sharp details and many including shoes and accessories. Continue reading

And love will steer the stars!

But I won’t be steering anything after this photo shoot. I had so much fun making this wonderful Bishwear hair swing by going back and forth on the pose pad – next-previous-next-previous- that I made myself dizzy.  I have a bias for hair that moves and swings, and this Hair Fair offering called Seductress is well-named. It seduced me into playing like a six-year-old with my pose pad. And the blouse…well I had to shoot it with two different looks, it’s that good a top. Continue reading

Purrfectly Delightful

Excuse my while I purr.

When I saw the ad for this jacket on the feed the other day, it was one of those “gotta have it” moments – though I will confess I blanched at the cost. Nonetheless, jackets are generally good investments and this one look lots of work and it shows. Continue reading