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What I Wore at Fashion Week


We were asked to keep our Avatar Rendering Cost below 1500 which meant stripping off lots of alpha textures and intricate jewelry. It is not, however, a mandate to look boring, but rather a challenge to find style within the confines of 1500 rendering cost. I chose the simple sheath dress from Chantkare that was released at Modavia Fashion Week as there’s nothing like wearing the latest season at the season’s show. Chantkare’s Applonia Criss is such an expert at mixing patterns that I wanted to toss my hand in the ring when accessorizing. I added a short jacket from Reale and shoes from House of Fox that were a Platinum Hunt gift last month.
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Not Fire, Not Ice


There is not a river wide
Not a mountain high
And neither sin nor evil
Could change how I feel inside
Could change how I feel inside

Not all the strength of the ocean
Not all the heat from the sun, from the sun
Now others have tried, I just can’t deny
For me you are the one
For me you are the one

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From Sad to Glad With One Stop at Reale


It took me a couple days to pull this look together – and in the process I got to feeling very mournful for all the stores that have left Second Life® recently. Economic hard times find people cutting back and many of the stores in Second Life have had some rough months.  It’s tough seeing favorite stores and creative designers leave.

Shiny Things

It all began with the shoes. I picked these up at Shoe Fair though they have been available at Shiny Things since May. I loved the style and had a few things in my inventory that would work with them. However, the first three outfits I pulled together out of my inventory were from stores that had closed – Liberte, Vogart and Uncle Wiggley. How sad to see them gone. Not wanting this streak to continue, I decided to go shopping instead. Since I was looking for something floral and contemporary for the boots, I headed to Reale, where I knew that there would be some good prints.

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Far… Far!!!

I tromped over to Isla Mallorca where the magnificent carnival Far… Far! is located.  There’s some gorgeous sim decoration and structures on sale there as well as carnival items. I wanted a casual look and after totally busting my budget with a stop at Mimikri, I had to pull out some of her gorgeous fall collection. The sweater dress and pants are from Mimikri, but I thought it was a bit chilly for all the open air in that sweater so I tossed on a turtleneck from Reale.

The skin is a preview of the soon to be released July skin from PXL Creations. I love the face and don’t want to take it off. The expected release is mid-October and I personally cannot wait to see the other makeups. According to Hart Larsson, PXL Creations designer, there will be more colorful makeup options than in his previous skins which tend to stick to classically elegant makeups.

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Party Pansies

Last night Gidge’s husband Silo threw a Rez Day bash to celebrate his second year in Second Life. The theme was Guilty Pleasures – those songs you love but are too embarassed to admit it.  Well-named I have to say. Requests were sent in ahead and were played anonymously – and very few owned up to their requests. Still, it was the most interesting playlist I have every DJ’ed and we had a lot of fun. I wore this lovely dress – as spring-like and feminine as they come.

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Fashion Explorer

So I went shopping yesterday, exploring wonderful little shopping sims such as Olni Estates, Japan Canvas, Midnight Requiem and Retrology. Hard-working fashionista on the prowl – that was me, looking for new stores and new outfits all in the service of fashion and fun. And as I hopped along the grid, this outfit came into shape, starting with the skirt and the cotton top, both from MNK.

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Femme Vitale

This is such a lovely, spring-like dress and today is sunny and bright after weeks of rain and snow and ick, that I could not resist pulling it out. A lovely vintage gown from the duchess of vintage, Neferia Abel of Ivalde, this has a lovely satin floral print with sheer tulle on the bodice.

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Simply Sn@tch

When I was getting dressed to go globe-hunting this weekend – before I got distracted and didn’t hunt a thing – I looked in my Sn@tch folders knowing I would find something sharp and snazzy.  Sn@tch is another one of those stores where you consistently get good quality clothing at a reasonable price and in fatpacks with lots of color and layer options. The shrug I am wearing is in multi-color fatpack suggestively titled Bit of Trim. I have to confess a deep and abiding love for the Sn@tch clothing names. Normally, I wish designers would just name a blue fur-trimmed mini-jacket something obvious and clear like Sn@tch Fur-Trimmed Knit Sweater Shrug instead of the meaningless names like Helen, Grace and Debra. I can’t remember those names and constantly have to rename folders to more meaningful names. The witty Sn@tch names with their double entendres, however, stick in my head and I can recall what they are. 

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If You Want To Destroy My Sweater….Pull This Thread….

Posted by Gidge Uriza

Of course…….shortly AFTER you pull that thread I’ll have to kick your ass. Nothing personal………but I hate people who do that. 🙂

I’ve been seeing ads for different pieces at REALE come across the feeds for a while, but my machine keeps acting up lately when I try to TP so I’ve been going less far off places. I tried to shop their twice, crashing both times once the store rezzed properly. It’s like some sick joke…….Oh Look at that – that’s cute CRASH! Continue reading