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My Hair Fair Quest

posted by Gidge Uriza

I have a small notebook beside me at the PC where I jot down fashion details and inventory offers and other things I need to remember. It’s higgledy-piggledy but it’s also a system that works for me. People will say clever things like “oh just type in WORN and then copy and paste that into a text document” which would work famously if I didn’t own so many pieces of clothing that for some unknown reason the creator put the words “WORN ON HEAD” or whatever on them.

I could rename them, but why bother. Back to my point. I keep this notebook. And every once in a while something catches my fancy and gets written down as a WANT. Continue reading

Big Bad Blogger Challenge #2

Alice Chenaux now asks us to describe the perfect day in SL. That’s so hard because different days I want different things from SL, but a day filled with my favorite things would include shooting an outfit or two for the blog, chatting  or styling or shooting with Gidge or going with her to a party and some time chatting with Maht and listening to him play some music. Add a little exploring of a new sim and you have a perfect day and a fairly common Sunday.

As to the dress, this is from DYN – another shop on My Little List – and  I love the explosion of color at the hem.

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I ♥ Pixel Dolls

I ♥ Pixel Dolls. They were one of the first stores of my Second Life and one where I spent many of my hard-earned lindens. Believe me, when you get paid 300L/week for clearing prim trash at a mall, you earn it and every purchase is long-considered, and Pixel Dolls earned a warm spot with its reasonable cost, many layers and fabulous fat packs. This outfit, Leonides, is just a perfect example of why they are wonderful. It is flexible, can be worn multiple ways and can be worn as separates with other clothing. No wonder I and many, many others ♥ Pixel Dolls.

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Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall

When I looked in my clothing folder this morning I saw a lonely little jacket not in a folder, but sitting there all alone and loose. I recognized the name and realized it was one that I bought Humby Designs on my shopping spree. I just came without a folder and so I decided to make an outfit around it – the one you see above. It’s a great outfit. Still, gray plaid jacket and an autumn look is pretty predictable, isn’t it? So…for fun…I decided to take that simple jacket and style one outfit for each season.

All photos are shot at MDR’s Photo Park which is open to the public. Click on through if you want to see more details on the outfits. And – if any bloggers out there want to take a shot at making an All-Seasons Item post, I would love to see it.

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Dress Me Up Challenge: Cajsa by Luna

I think you should picture me shaking my fist and hollering, “I’ll get you, my pretty!” after completing this last, but certainly not the least, Dress Me Up Challenge. It was a tough one. I only hope I succeeded with the brief from Luna Jubilee.

I think you should bring Disco back! That’s right – Disco … but Disco Skating baby!! Legwarmers, skates, that onepiece leotard that looks like a bathing suit and big poofy pigtails.  Good Luck!!  *giggles*

I have one big request. Bax Coen, make me some roller skates!!!

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