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take a stroll…

Through the lovely Cafe Adrastea when you have a moment to spare. It’s one of my favorite places to chill. It’s also a really good backdrop for pictures especially when you are wearing cute new mesh goodies from Leezu! This cute oxford dress is a new fav of mine and it comes in 3 different sizes. I bought it on the marketplace and didn’t see a demo but I took a chance and I’m glad I did. No buyers remorse here!

Hybie Is Wearing:

Dress: [LeeZu!] Oxford Dress /wool black

Skin: [Atomic] Grace – Mistletoe (With Love Hunt 2011)

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sachiko Mesh Hair – Golden

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Blue (L)

Leggings: {Art Decade}Leggings – Black 1

Shoes: ::Kookie:: Yannis / Coal

Bracelet: *League* Wanderer -Black- Bracelet -Wrist (6 Strands) L

The One Where I Do The Happy Dance

Posted by Gidge Uriza


I’m doing the happy dance. I’m seriously doing a dance of joy and this was the best way to show you. WHY? WHY?

Well, it all started like this, first I popped into Fleur cuz she’s got all her skins 1/2 price and I like her boutique skins – she’s got some pretty faces and I wanted to take a long gander at what she had just to see if there were any I needed. (cough, cough).

While I’m there studying face by face…I just notice she’s got a freebie up on the wall. And I say, SELF – I wonder what is IN that freebie? I check it’s contents and it’s several skins I HAVE….but it’s also a nice assortment for “newbies” of her Vivant skins which I had never tried.  A range of tones, etc. Continue reading

Mixing It Up

So I put on this adorable little wispy, puffy dress from Gigi Couture and thought that despite how adorable it was, I was in the mood for something different. I liked the colors though and decided to just mess around with trying some different skirts. One of the first I tried was skirt from ALB Dream Fashion in cerise. It comes with a white or cerise belt and I chose the cerise.

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And now for something completely different

Feeling a bit fey last night, I decided to take the Cambridge Cuffed shirt from Armidi and see if I could give it a “quaintly unconventional” look. After all, what could be more conventional than a plain button-down shirt? A fun challenge, then, to give it an unconventional twist. Browsing my inventory, I tried a few skirts, but the instant I put on Nell from LBD, the search was over.

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Joy, Bliss and General Goodwill

Whilst previewing a new gown from Phoenix Rising called Darken Bliss (shown below the cut) I just fell in love with the corset top and wanted to show it off with another style option. With a name like Bliss I decided it needed a little more goodwill and opted for the sleek, svelte and sexy pencil skirt from Mimikri called Joy. Bliss and Joy, I think we should all sing Kumbayah.

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My New Winter Coat

I tolk you last week how I discovered Modern Gypsy when I met Staci Bernard looking impeccably styled and gorgeous in a wonferful coat. But then I didn’t show you the coat. I am rectifying that today. This is the wonderful coat I saw and, if you will indulge the conceit and ignore attachment point limits, the dress underneath it.

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LeeZu Baxter has made a gorgeous jacket that I absolutely adore even though it eats up my necklace attachment points. Actually, I totally love it so long as I look at it from the front. I like it from the back, but wish she had not put text on the back. I am not a text on my clothing sort of gal.

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Ooh, Spiders

Abraxxa Anatine has gone Halloween crazy. It was not that long ago she released the Desmodus jewelry in all their batwing glory, and now she has released Eww! Spiders! This is a delicate and intricate jewelry set, nearly as delicate as the web weavers that inspired it.

So, I have to quibble about the name. It should be Oooh! Spiders! because spiders are such lovely, handy little beasties.  They eat mosquitoes, no-see-ems, wood ticks and horse flies, what more can you ask of any creature?  And yet, they do more. They spin beautiful webs of intricate lace that inspire our art and imagination. Continue reading

The Song

I am in love with that glorious line of rhinestones running down the back of the heel of these Dare pumps from Shiny Things.

Purple haze all in my brain
Lately things just dont seem the same
Actin funny, but I don’t know why
scuse me while I kiss the sky

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Smoke Gets In My Eyes

I am sincerely appreciative of the many freebies and group gifts showered on Second Life’s residents by the clothing designers and creators. Some however, do strive to create group gifts that are in a different class and in that group, Sissy Pessoa is the Gold Medalist. From Grandma’s Closet to Snake Outfits to this lovely new gift this month that includes a chair and two cigarettes in holders for all you smoking AV’s out there. Me, I quit smoking July 8th, so when i took a puff my eyes closed. The next snap would have been me sneezing.  : )

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