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Mash-Up Fun

I love the Undine Cami from Pixel Dolls though it does present some challenges to mixing and matching as the long trailing bows on the side are on the jacket layer which goes under system skirts. How sillly is that? Jackets should always been on the outside…but that just means finding a non-system skirt with prims that don’t extend too far to the sides. Sure, I could wear the cami with any pair of pants, but I wanted a skirt.  Before going and trying every skirt in my inventory, I remembered Cachet’s Cleo – a dress that had a very restrained and tailored skirt..and sure enough, it was exactly what I needed.

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Grown-Up Gingham

We are so used to seeing gingham in table cloths and children’s clothes we forget how sophisticated it can look. The  designer of Anuenue has no such preconceptions though and boldly produced several pair of ginghams for grownups including this magnificent blue and brown gingham milled-cotton pair of pants.  Adding a baby blue camisole from Celestial Studios and a lovely cashmere jacket from Casa del Shai makes a casual, but fashionable outfit for shopping and girls’ night out.

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Sunday Afternoon

posted by Gidge Uriza

Once you kick off those church shoes and make your Sunday plans, you want to be comfy. So what are you doing today? A cookout? Going to drink some beer and play trivia? Cruising the grid with your girls looking for something you can’t live without?

I pillaged my inventory trying to remember what BESIDES Sari’s I had picked up at the Yak & Yeti extravaganza (I haven’t been in a while – everything might still be free, I dunno). Continue reading

Quick Look – SWA's Perfect Denim Skirt

posted by Gidge Uriza

When I got a “perfect fit” denim skirt dropped on me the other day, I was a bit skeptical. But when I drug it out, saw the fun purple denim AND the fact that when I put it on – the center panel prim was really simple to adjust to make look right on MY Shape……I was like “Okay, this might be the PERFECT Fit skirt!” Continue reading

Tres Jolie! Foiled Again.

After splurging a bit over the weekend, I promised myself I would not buy another gown for at least two weeks…no matter what. And I was doing okay until I signed on tonight and received a texture from Iota Ultsch of Tres Jolie! with her new design. Darn you, Iota, there went my resolve right out the window. I tp’ed over and already she has three color variations and I struggled to settle on just one.  I love the depth and detail of the devore fabric in rich blue and green velvet.

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From Burlesque to Ballroom

Just as I was finishing the burlesque shoot, I got an urgent IM from a customer and really, really did not feel like doing a shoot with a fan tail. So, I changed my hair real quick and tossed on this lovely gown – over dressed a bit for the occasion, I know – and was there in less than a minute. Continue reading

You Talkin' To ME?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Don’t let the Angel Jeans Fool You. I’m a mean girl.

Okay, I might only be PARTIALLY mean.  I look kinda tough in that shot though.

Cajsa named the set Jean Genie, which was what I was listening to on my evening commute……and what I was originally going to call MY post but that looking over the should is just so TOUGH GIRL! Continue reading

Hibiscus Dreams

The lone hibiscus

waits for the sun to bloom:

morning’s first offering

Ram Krishna Singh

I am sure I am not alone in excited anticipation when I hear that Eshi Otawara has made a new gown.  I know with certainty that it will be creative, unique and lovely. Sure, there are some for which I merely admire the creativity and unique creative vision without having any desire to own it myself. However, more often than not, her dresses thrill me with their feminine beauty and wild leaps of imagination.  Her newest, Hibiscus Dream is such a gown.

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Lucky Chair Parties – The Grid's Hen Party

Ah Zaaaaaaaaaaara

Ah Zaaaaaaaaaaara

posted by Gidge Uriza

It used to be that lucky chairs were full of junk no one wanted, but still – you were kinda tickled if you won.  Then slowly, good designers have added them. And now even, it’s become a truly fashionable trend to create the lucky chair only items.


Our desire to obtain what cannot be BOUGHT therefore creates spontaneous Lucky Chair Parties. Such as at Zaara one night.  Cajsa and I were shopping and decided to stop in to see what was up with the lucky chair – there was a beautiful new dress in the chair (pictured obviously). Continue reading

Who's Sari Now?

Silly Title Is Cajsas Fault!

Silly Title Is Cajsa's Fault!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Cajsa posted a while back about the wonderful goodies that were free over at Yak and Yeti – and since I ALWAYS need more jewelry (duh You’ve MET ME RIGHT?) I went rushing over without an appreciation for HOW MUCH WAS FREE.

I walked a way with more sari’s and other traditional gear than my sherpa could carry, let me tell you. Continue reading