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Vogue + Dire Swamp = Fashion

sept 16_019

I fell in love with the rich textures in this outfit the minute it came out on the runway at Modavia Fashion Week. I oohed so loudly my cat thought it was his lunchtime. That rosy brown plaid is stunning and one of the see-it-to-believe it pieces that walked those runways. There’s something rugged and wild about it that made me hop over to Dire Marsh to shoot it. It is such an evocative sim.

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Double Take: A Balancing Act

One of the exciting things about fashion is the way you can shift the entire mood of an outfit just by changing a few accessories. I thought I might add a new “feature” occasionally taking one outfit and giving it two looks. I am starting out with the Brio dress from Chantkare. I love the bold graphic look of this dress with the over-sized collar, bell sleeves and the bold stripes. I first selected accessories that emphasized its clean, modern lines.
I chose some soft and feminine accessories that would change the focus, adding a softer, more romantic element that still honors the modern graphic style of the dress.
I shot the pics at Camomile – home of tram where I bought some of the accessories I use to set the mood for the two looks. There’s a chair outside the store with a fun balancing animation that distracted me until i decided to just go ahead and use it in the shoot – after all, fashion is often a balancing act between moderation and exuberant extravagance.
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I ♥ Gray Rainbows


I ♥ gray! Good thing, too, since there are less than 150 sunny days per year. The average is 144, if you want to be exact. Usually our skies are gray – but gray is not a single color, it’s an entire spectrum of itself from silvery ashy gray to coal smudged gray and everywhere in between. One of my favorite paintings from Jackson Pollack is Grayed Rainbow. So, of course, when Luna Jubilee kicked off her Color Challenge with gray, I had to drag myself in-world to swim in the gray rainbow.
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In the Subway Station


The thing about subways is that they are the ultimate crossroads of life where you will see any and all kinds of people – and all kinds of fashion from the dressed down to the dressed up. I am certainly dressed up with this fab pantset from The Niven Collection. It’s named L U X E and it’s certainly luxe in look and feel. I saw the collection at Modavia Fashion week and really fell in love with many of the pants sets in Scarlett Niven’s collection.


Subways are fabulous places for people-watching if you’re not in a hurry yourself. Sadly, there’s no crowd of people to watch at the subway at Urban Decay. Incidentally, Urban Decay sells this subway station if you want to buy it to rez on your own sim.
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Come Dancing

Come dancing,
That’s how they did it when I was just a kid,
And when they said come dancing,
My sister always did.

Is there a happier melody in music than the jubilant “Come Dancing” by the Kinks? The song lyrics are a just a little bittersweet, but the melody is pure joy. Can anyone sit listening to that song without moving to the beat – whether just tapping toes or standing up and dancing? It seems like a great song for these great separates from Baiastice that are perfect for a night of dancing.

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Glam Details

The success or failure of a jacket always hangs on the details. How does it fit? How does it fasten? Are there innovations in the sleeves, shoulders, collar or fastenings? Does the shape flatter your shape? How does it work with other clothing?  We all have different details that we prioritize over others. Some people really focus on the shoulders and what shape they create. Others look for embellishments and fasteners. With the new Keyn jacket from MiaMai, no matter what fashion detail you value most, Monica Outlander has made the effort to satisfy your appetite for innovation and design.  With loving attention lavished on the sleeves, collar, cuffs and textures, this is a jacket that you will treasure and find many opportunities to wear – just to show it off.

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Where's the Party?

With this lovely new dress from MiaMai’s new collection, I am ready to party, but my social calendar is empty!!! Wah! When I have a dress this perfect for dancing and flirting and what have you, there’s got to be a place to wear it. Someplace with lights that will move around and cast flashes on the lovely sequin top.

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Sissy Pessoa Does It Again

Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice is always producing wonderful new clothes that are exciting, innovative and fun. Every week or so, it seems there is something new for her customers and fashion addicts to swoon over. So how, then, does she find the time to also produce whole collections to release en masse? I don’t know, but she did it again and if you don’t find something to swoon over, you’re missing the swoon factor.

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