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Butterflies Are Free

Orage Creations - FFL

There’s a quote from Charles Dickens’ Bleak House that came to mind when I put this dress on. “I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free. Mankind will surely not deny to Harold Skimpole what it concedes to the butterflies!” This Crazy Butterflies for Life dress from Orage Creations got me thinking about freedom – and what it means. FDR talked about the Four Freedoms; freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want and freedom from fear. He wasn’t thinking of cancer when he talking about those freedoms, but wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing to finally come to a time when the word cancer does not evoke fear, but instead a confidence that it can be treated and overcome? To that end and working for that day, the designers for Fashion For Life, such as Orage Creations Elettra Gausman, are supporting the American Cancer Society’s efforts to combat cancer and create a future where cancer is no longer causes fear.

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Modavia Fashion Week #13


Monday’s shows began with FineSmith with their trademark avant garde jewelry. The Noir collection is an intriguing combination futurism and the baroque. The actual metal pieces are highly stylized, clean-lined and futuristic, but they are coupled with lace collars that have a baroque sensibility in their lavish ornamentation.

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Orage Creations for Couture of Hope

I first saw this dress when Orage Creations designer Elettra Gausman posted a picture of it on Facebook. The intricate lace of the skirt made me think of gossamer and of fabric woven from spider webs, it is that fine and that delicate. Its delicacy is stunning.
Inspired by the idea of hope, Elettra added some glowing kinetic hearts that swirl around since love is one of the building blocks of hope. In order to hope, we need to love ourselves and our lives, so it seemed very fitting.
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It's a Dream

I had planned to shoot four of these gorgeous tops from Orage Creations but SL had other plans. It decided that despite all my plans, I would be a cloud for the day yesterday. Seriously, I tried clearing cache, restarting not just Second Life but also my computer and the SL, SL Beta, SnowGlobe, Kristens, Emerald and Emerald Beta viewers and despite it all, I stayed a cloud.  I finally resolved the issue about midnight, but I was not going to shoot photos that late, so I will have to be content with showing you just the gorgeous zebra Dream Top and let you check out the leopard, snake and fleur (b and white brocade) on your own.  The Orage Creations Main Store was closed for renovations this weekend, but the tops can be found at affiliates in Best of SL, Costa Rica and Saudi Arabia. For latest locations check Elettra Gausman’s profile


I shot this set at Third World – home of the Third World Bar and Third World Kino. It’s a beautiful sim with many tiny set pieces of surreality and beauty for you to enjoy.  To get a taste of the amazing scenes at Third World, take a look at the Flickriver stream of interesting photos shot there.

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IFW10 – Balancing Act

Today’s the last day of International Fashion Week, which come to think of it, should probably be International Fashion Long Weekend or International Fashion Four Days. I wish it were a week – which would give me more days to spread out my posts about the designs I want to highlight – so I am not posting 4 times in one day. But I suppose there’s reasons for a shorter event – events like these are often balancing acts of meeting competing needs such as finding good times for people from around the world to participate in an event that spans every time zone.  So in honor of all the concerns of designers, customers, bloggers, models and anyone else that must be juggled by event organizers, I thought I would shoot this dress from Orage Creations in Olive Juice’s Ball Pit – where there are many balls in the air – and they are in very delicate balance.

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Gogo's 20L Top to Bottom Challenge

Gogo’s Newbie Style Challenge ends today. I would have fared better if SL had not been so crashtastic yesterday. However, I did manage to put together a few looks that work.  This one cost 1L for the hair, all the rest was free. The top comes from Orage Creations and is part of a top and skirt set. I opted for the capris, one of a blue and black fatpack free from Uzuri. The boots are from N-Core and require joining the group for free. The boots can be changed from black to red or white with the click of your mouse. You can also choose multiple colors for the warmers or not wear them at all.

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Happy Valentine's Day

I am not feeling full of the hearts and flowers sentimentality of Valentine’s Day this year, but I do recognize that it always inspires a lot of fun and creative designs and most importantly, an excuse to party. I have not been feeling too well this week so I  have not stayed online long enough to do anything more than shoot some pictures. So no partying for me, but if I had been in the mood for a party last night, I would definitely have worn this dress.

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Italian Style

The Italian community has fostered lots of good designers and also worked together in many ways with Italian fashion shows and gallery showings of Italian artists and the like.  Last year wandering around a Best of Italian festival I happened on Orage Creations and promptly put it on my list of stores I make an effort to revisit once a month at least.  Her specialty is stunning gowns and exuberant fashion. Now, however, she’s doing some homage to great runway fashion such as this recreation of a Versace gown worn by Charlize Theron to the Venice Film Festival.

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From Burlesque to Ballroom

Just as I was finishing the burlesque shoot, I got an urgent IM from a customer and really, really did not feel like doing a shoot with a fan tail. So, I changed my hair real quick and tossed on this lovely gown – over dressed a bit for the occasion, I know – and was there in less than a minute. Continue reading

What do you call a dress that is almost free?

So…I am wandering around the Best of Italian Design sim – popping in to test a store SLUrl I added to the directory – and discovered OC: Orage Creations and dropped everything I was doing just to enjoy the marvelously surreal designs. Although most were priced about average for high fashion gowns, there were two dresses indistinguishable from the others in quality, but marked down without fanfare to 10 and 20L. I snapped them up and decided to share the wealth by spreading the word. The first one I put together with MiaSnow’s magnificently eccentric Wild Woman Hair – a magic chair gift. She kindly set the chair to 5 minutes, so it won’t take you all day to win. I thought the wild span of the hair and the wild black plumage at the top of the dress was a nice pairing.

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