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So last night was the Vaudeville/Burlesque party at The Deck and Sasy took pictures.  I wore this adorable La Biche Corset Dress from Dolita, though I added a skirt to it that you can see after the cut. It’s another great find at Designers United Vaudeville.

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What's in a name?

What’s in a name? That which we call ciabatta by any other name would still smell as tasty and wholesome when hot out of the oven. Okay, I confess I am so confused by the name of this gown from Sascha’s Designs that she will be releasing in several colors this week? It’s called Ciabatta and the only ciabatta I know of is the wonderful Italian sourdough bread.  This dress makes me think of many thinks, lakes, moonlight, flowers and romance. It does not make me think of artisan breads.  Okay, maybe a toasty brown version of this dress could be called ciabatta.

Don’t get me wrong. I love ciabatta. It’s soft and delicious and flavorful and has a hard, crunchy crust.  Yummy! But the bread is rustic and this is elegant. The bread should have a hard crispy crust, this is soft and satiny.  Ciabatta is light and airy and full of holes….aha!!!! That must be it!!!

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Grown-Up Gingham

We are so used to seeing gingham in table cloths and children’s clothes we forget how sophisticated it can look. The  designer of Anuenue has no such preconceptions though and boldly produced several pair of ginghams for grownups including this magnificent blue and brown gingham milled-cotton pair of pants.  Adding a baby blue camisole from Celestial Studios and a lovely cashmere jacket from Casa del Shai makes a casual, but fashionable outfit for shopping and girls’ night out.

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It's Magic

Do you ever wander around and suddenly see something that striked you as pure magic. That’s how I felt when I saw this dress from Lo-D Designs. Inspired by the rich froth of foam in the surf, the dress is bordered with a lace of sea foam. A lesser artist would have gone too realistic here and made the dress blue and made the sea foam purely foam, but she seems to have overlaid lace and foam textures to create something new and visually exciting. Now I really have to thank Thalia Jie who gave me the landmark for this store and told me I would like it. She sure was right.

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