Quick Look – SWA's Perfect Denim Skirt

posted by Gidge Uriza

When I got a “perfect fit” denim skirt dropped on me the other day, I was a bit skeptical. But when I drug it out, saw the fun purple denim AND the fact that when I put it on – the center panel prim was really simple to adjust to make look right on MY Shape……I was like “Okay, this might be the PERFECT Fit skirt!”

I wore it with a casual henley from Frangipanni and some big honkin boots from Line (told ya they wuz cute).  This was my big shopping outfit the other day, I think I spent a bajillion lindens traipsing through the grid looking for stuff under rocks and behind corners. 🙂

Digit Darkes UnDress - Powder Shade - SPARKLE

Digit Darkes UnDress - Powder Shade - SPARKLE

I might go back and get their hair in blonde. Did you know Frangipanni still has all their stuff WAY marked down?

Yak & Yeti’s Bollywood jewelry is a bit of a staple, because it’s so excellent. I wear it casual or formal – it just rocks. If you wear it causal, it lends a thrift store chic that I love..  (Bringing Thrift Store Chic to SL since ’08!)

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Fashion Details

***Review or Promotional Items Noted with an R***

  • Shape Gidge custom shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skins – Digit Darkes UnDress – Powder Shade – Sparkle R
  • Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain
  • Hair – FD – Becca – Espresso
  • Top – FD – Floral Knit Blue top
  • Skirt- SWA – Mini- Perfect Fit – in purple R
  • Shoes – LINE – Apache Boots in purple
  • Jewelry – Yak N Yet’s Bollywood Jewelry

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