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Grown-Up Gingham

We are so used to seeing gingham in table cloths and children’s clothes we forget how sophisticated it can look. The  designer of Anuenue has no such preconceptions though and boldly produced several pair of ginghams for grownups including this magnificent blue and brown gingham milled-cotton pair of pants.  Adding a baby blue camisole from Celestial Studios and a lovely cashmere jacket from Casa del Shai makes a casual, but fashionable outfit for shopping and girls’ night out.

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Looking for Gold

The other day I was shopping at Adam N Eve, looking to see if their made their wonderful high-waisted leather skirt in gold as well as silver. They don’t, I want. I wanted to wear it with this top – a blouse I love with reservations. It’s a gorgeous design, I love the intricate black on black embroidery and would wear it more often if it were not sold on only the jacket layer. I would like to tuck it in sometimes.  I would like to wear it under a jacket sometimes. It’s a constant refrain from those of us who write about fashion, give us more layers. Continue reading

Living Ornamentally

Ah, the luxury that a Second Life provides us. Our avatars are always healthy and whole unless we choose to wear some skin with bruises, add a broken arm prim or sit in a wheelchair. We can even wear avatars with the chest open exposing our broken hearts. However, all these are optional and can be cast off with a quick right click of the mouse.  First life doesn’t give us that option.  If your heart is broken, it takes time and tears to heal. If it’s damaged, it can be replaced, but it takes much more than a mouse click. Now one of our own needs a new heart and everything is in place except the money.  It should instill all of us with a sense of urgency that only $2500 could save her life.   If 1000 people gave 650 lindens to one of the donation boxes in Second Life, a woman, someone whose work we see on the feeds, will get a Real Life Second Life. How cool is that?

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