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More color than a rainbow


Azure Electricteeth of the brand Tee*fy has created an adorable babydoll that is so cute it triumphed over my usual preference for a more tailored fit with snug, body-hugging waists. Part of its deliciousness comes from the tiny spaghetti straps that are sliding off the shoulders – a bit of cheeky fun. She adds a strapless alternative to the folder in case you want to layer or something, but who would want to cover up that charming detail? But even more, it’s the color! She made this dress in enough colors for two rainbows. Yes, 15 different colors from rich, vibrant primary colors to tender, romantic pastels, there’s a color for everyone.

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Post Number 3269


My post title mojo has disappeared, lost in a long nap I accidentally took this afternoon. I was chilly and just crawled under the blanket to warm up and six hours later, I am rested but my synapses are firing at half-speed. This skirt from Nyu for faMESHed is not just running full-speed, it’s full-speed in the awesome lane. I love everything about it from the texture details on the front of the skirt, the tuxedo bow belt, the zipper up the back, the lining on the bottom inside to eliminate the alpha inside issue. the bodysuit from Milk Motion for Dressing Room Blue seemed made for it with its sexy but refined styling.


The pictures are shot at Memento Mori though I turned glow off in the debug settings. It’s so well done that I hate losing the details in the glow. I was excited to use Di’s Opera poses for the first time in a long time. I was sad when she closed her store awhile back, but she says she has more free time again to indulge in Second Life so she has just re-opened with a new release aptly named Redux.

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Head to Toe, Mesh is the Word

Costa Rica Whaling

I was not excited about the advent of mesh, fearful that new technology would mean new reasons to crash and new problems to solve. In part that is true, there are new fitting problems. In order to fit the mesh to your shape, you do have to make the central core of your shape conform to a range of standard sizes. In exchange, though, you do not have to fit five separate sculpts to your shape, then edit them every time you change your pose. FaMESHed is a monthly sales event that has formed to celebrate the glory of mesh and this second month is even more exciting than the first.  By the way, look at the wide sleeve of the top, lines so it does not disappear, it is far superior to the melting flesh that lines a bell-shaped system sleeve.

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Lucille Ball Was Right


Pose set, dress and hair can all be found at the Chic² event until June 24th

“If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.
The more things you do, the more things you can do.”
Lucille Ball

Lucy could have been talking about Keira Seerose,  who was busily preparing plans for Vintage Fair as Chic², celebrating the second birthday of her Chic Management company opened to eager crowds yesterday.  Yesterday, just a little over a week after the huge fundraising event Culture Shock closed.  With one event after another, she proves again and again that if you want something done, as a busy person to do it.

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Three Events

Are you hungry for mesh? Then you should run, not walk, to faMESHed. And yes, I still privately call it Fame Shed because that’s how we roll here. There’s lots of delights there and with some of the other events going on this weekend. There’s so much going on, that I put together this post with an item or two from three different events.

The dress, however, is even more special because it is not associated with an event. Yes, you get to go to an actual store! I came across Bilo at The Ashraya Project, loved the design aesthetic and the workmanship and went on a mini-spree at the store where I picked up this fabulous dress that combines the fit of system where with the flexibility and finesse of mesh. Instead of the old hated crotch flap, there is a mesh skirt panel that makes the system pants and top into a dress. It’s well done, merging mesh with system pieces so you can’t even see the join except from certain extreme angles and positions.

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A Busy Weekend for Fashionistas

Night Wish

This is a busy weekend for those who love fashion in Second Life. There’s so much going on my head spins. Thankfully, Evelyn Hartshon who works on Blogging Second Life with me has compiled a directory of events to help keep track. Of course, if you click that link you run the risk of spending all your lindens.

On Sunday Chic² opens to celebrate the second birthday of Chic Management. I stopped by the bloggers preview and was wowed by its simplicity coupled with the overwhelming variety of offerings from the 150 designers who have come together to celebrate this milestone.

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Can’t Orkney firbkkk phone

Zenith June

Can you believe Gidge posted this morning before heading off for surgery? She also live-plurked her way through much of the pre-operative process of drugs and painkillers preparing her for surgery, until her last pre-surgery message, “Can’t Orkney firbkkk phone.” Orkney is where mommies go to nap.

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Maybe Makybe

Makybe Whippet & Buck

I was drawn to this dress after seeing Real Housewives star Heather Dubrow sporting her 99th outfit with a white Peter Pan collar attached to it because it was a pleasure to see a dress where a Peter Pan collar made sense. This is a sweet and simple casual dress without the layers of lace and chiffon and sequins that she wears with her white collars. Don’t get me wrong. I like an unusual detail and fashion eccentricities, but when it becomes a schtick, people stop paying attention to you and pay attention to your gimmick instead.

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It's Too Big


Gidge has had been having me help around the store, hauling stuff over from the old one, dusting, doing some touch up on the walls where movers scraped the paint and helping with the unpacking. It’s a messy job with lots of running in and out of the building over to where her merchandise was piled up in the snow. It made sense to dress for the occasion in this warm and snuggly fleece from Aitui. I tossed on some old jeans from Zaara that I know are a few years old and all, but hey, when you are bending down and hauling crap around, you need comfortable jeans with some give, the kind of give that only comes from wearing them for a few years, right?


But then she traipses off to ride a pink turtle or pig or elephant or some such thing leaving me to manhandle the last few items into place. Seriously, did she think I could move that globe by myself? It’s Too Big!!! So, I got on the phone, so to speak, and called up Hybie who, good friend that she is, came over to lend a hand no questions ask. She helped wrestle that globe from the crate into the store and didn’t even complain about how cold she must have been feeling in those sandals. She was wearing the new dress from Maitreya. It was the first I had seen it in-world. It so lives up to expectations. As you can see, my feet were far more cozy in these wonderfully warm and dry boots from FIR & MNA.
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The Vintage Fair Cometh

If you have been trapped under something heavy and unable to get to your computer today, you might not be aware that the Vintage Fair is rolling live on othe grid at 4pm SLT on the 11th of November.

I’ve only made a preliminary pass through with my blogger press pass but so far I’m giddy with the fun vintage and retro inspired pieces I’ve seen. I thought I’d roll out the ball with two dresses, one from Rag Dollz and one from Kouse’s Sanctum. I do like a fun party dress.

What’s great about the Vintage Fair is that due to how ENORMOUS IT IS there is likely to be something awesome for everyone, whether your thing is conservative 40s style or hot rockabilly bad girl, you can find new pieces for your look to be certain.

I’m also wearing a skin from the Vintage Fair called Dharma from Essences, lipstick from Rozena and some cute eyes also from Rozena called Afternoon Tea. I’m not an eye collector but I know some of you are!

So then, Vintage Fair. Coming. November 11 at 4pm SLT. We got it? Good!

Your Shopping List for November 11 Is:
Dress: Black – Rag Dollz -Jennifer /Black and Red – Kouse’s Sanctum – Betty
Heels: Baiastice-Lotus Pumps
Lashes: ***Chaisuki*** lashes 52
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Lipstick: ROZENA ~Glam Angel~ roly poly
Hair: >TRUTH< Orchid Plain – burgundy and chestnut
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: {.essences.} Dharma skin for VF 2011Eyes: ROZENA ~Afternoon eye~ tea (gift for Vintage Fair)
Poses: STaTUS