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It's Snowing at Baffle


I dressed up for a nice sunny day in this top from u.f.o. and popped over the Baffle beach and was surprised to see that snow had come to Baffle. I would have rushed off to a more comfortable climate for my open-toed Lizettes from Kalnins, but I saw footprints of someone walking barefoot. I had to hang around to see who this intrepid weather warrior was and maybe catch some hot guy running from the sauna to the sea.


Footprints in the Snow

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Ribbons, Bows and Furbelows, Casual Hair at Hair Fair


What are furbelows anyway? I googled and found out they are pleats or ruffles used to embellish your clothing – so good enough. This is collection of Hair Fair styles that are more casual and incorporate hats, headbands, ribbons, flowers or even butterflies. Any additional adornment or embellishment. There are 29 styles and you can see the full size pictures in this Flickr set.

FrouFour Picnic_008

Looking for a more casual outfit to show off these hairstyles, I pulled out these WoE Gauge 2 Jeans with the strawberry patch. The top is a shortie from Moonshine and the belt is from Coco.
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On Moody Monday I'm Downright Cranky

All viewers hate me at the moment.

But I love the new top from MOONSHINE – Candid, and the KESS hair from Dark Mouse.

Moody Monday is STILL going on and you can find lotsa amazing things. I would show you more but like I said – ALL VIEWERS HATE ME AT THE MOMENT.

I love hair with barrettes and pins. Totally fun.

The ridiculous earrings are 1L on Marketplace. Or zero. They Might be ZERO!

Your Shopping List:

Everything at Moody Monday
I’m also wearing
Jeans from Fri.Day
Shoes – Moxie from Maitreya
Skin – Erika from Belleza
Glasses- from Alphavillain – GATCHA PRIZE at Albero

And other stuff but I crashed before I could write it down and I’m bitter.
All poses from STaTUS – cuz I’m self promoting like that.

I Love Olive

I do love olive – in all its forms. I love the color – it’s earthy and comfortable. I love the fruit – the rich, fatty, meaty olives that are so, so dangerous. I love the oil brushed on a flat piece of dough with some zaatar spice mix or drizzled with vinegar in salad or in a hundred other ways. I even like Olive Oyl. And in this outfit, I get to love twice – in the gorgeous pullover from Moonshine Designs and in the I Love Olive hair I am wearing.

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Hearts & Moonshine

This newest design from Moonshine Clothing is called Gem – and how apt that name is for this is a gem of a dress.  The bodice comes on all layers and can easily be worn with pants and other skirts. The question is who would want to wear it with any other skirt than this luscious little gem. Normally I run from fabric covered in hearts – thinking they all look a bit twee. Not this. Partly because the colors are not the ubiquitous pink, red and white  but the fresher green, blue and brown. It’s not just that though, it’s also the fine details such as the lacing on the skirt and the perfect little metal holes for the laces. You would have to look long and hard to find something so fresh, new and exciting – and with hearts on it no less.

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