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Ribbons, Bows and Furbelows, Casual Hair at Hair Fair


What are furbelows anyway? I googled and found out they are pleats or ruffles used to embellish your clothing – so good enough. This is collection of Hair Fair styles that are more casual and incorporate hats, headbands, ribbons, flowers or even butterflies. Any additional adornment or embellishment. There are 29 styles and you can see the full size pictures in this Flickr set.

FrouFour Picnic_008

Looking for a more casual outfit to show off these hairstyles, I pulled out these WoE Gauge 2 Jeans with the strawberry patch. The top is a shortie from Moonshine and the belt is from Coco.
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Strawberry Pie & Country Chic


When I saw the new G2 Patched Jeans from WoE, I thought they would look so good with the new Country Chic collection from L’ABel. I just love the synchronicity of Second Life® which dictates that things that work well together come to us around the same time. The actual principle is the Linden Law of Meaningful Coincidence located in the Terms of Service section titled, The Collective Unconscious and Second Life. Look it up!


Any doubts you may have about Second Life and the Acausal Connecting Principle will be squashed when you consider that at the same time, Gos released these Pimp Your Pumps Buckle Ballet flats. As you can clearly see, synchronicity is the law of the land in Second Life.
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Two Not To Miss Gifts:Plus Other Stuff

Unless you’ve been under a rock, or out having the dreaded RL, you know that LAQ and Maitreya have released delicious Christmas gifts to all of their subscribers.
I finally ran to get mine today.

Some things are worth the lag fest.

Style Notes:

  • Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
  • Skin – LAQ Vilda Gift in Fair
  • Hair – Maitreya Gift – Lauren in Nat Blonde
  • Sweater – WoE Ginger in Maroon – yeah I wore it the other day in green shut up i like it
  • Jeans – Sn@tch – Virgin Vintage Jeans cuz It’s Christmas!
  • Boots -Baiastice – Ankle Bow Back Boots in Red Robot Snake! Awesome
  • Lashes – MiaMai -Lesmakeups 15

The Outfit The Asset Server Tried to Eat

So we all had to sign the new TOS the other day. There was a lot of grousing on Plurk but really, I didn’t give a flip. I am one of those people who doesn’t read it. I just don’t care. Whatever, I’m not supposed to have sex with the teens right? Something like that? This post is not about the TOS. This post is about how suddenly the grid went wonky on me.
I tried logging into the TPV Phoenix – and the new TOS wouldn’t come up. Now – that didn’t actually matter to me because I wasn’t gonna read it, however, I couldn’t click the YES I AGREE to whatever nutfuckery you’ve put into writing.
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Blogging My Bedroom Floor Chapter Six:WoE Is Me

You didn’t think I was done did you? Good god. My bedroom is an even bigger mess right now just because of all the stress in my life I’ve been throwing stuff out there like mad, but I’m trying with products like Exhale’s delta 8 pens that relax me a little. Today’s post is a combo of things on my floor, things not on my floor, and things on my floor that were already IN my inventory but for some reason I hadn’t picked up the box yet.
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It's a Men's Sweater & I Don't Care


So the other day my friend Hart Larsson of PXL Creations passed me a couple sweaters to try on and critique. He asked if I liked the colors and if the pois looked good. I asked “What’s pois?” Then I crashed before he answered.. or he crashed. I don’t remember. So…I googled it. You can google it, too. The first response in Google is Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome. So I log back in with some ammunition to tease him, and ask “What’s pois?” again, but he explained quite simply that it’s those little dots and sure enough if you look in a French-English dictionary – it is a polka dot or dot. I took pity on Hart and didn’t ask him about Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome after all.


You see, I got distracted by the details on the sweater – like the little tag sticking up on the back with the PXL logo on it. I actually said “Awwww, that’s so cute!” out loud, making my cat think I was talking to him and preen a little.  Anyway, it’s an adorable sweater in a rainbow of colors. It has charming details and it has pois. In fact, there’s only one thing wrong with it – it’s for men. However, I don’t care. It fits me like a glove and I am going to wear it anyway. And, ladies, just so you know, one of my critiques was that Hart needed to add some lighter colors which he did later – after I shot these pictures. So now there’s a nice antique rose, a cornflower blue, a lovely beige – beautiful colors for women AND men.


The look I went for was pretty casual and I shot the pictures at The Mother Road – an homage to Route 66. However, I didn’t shoot on the highway this time, but walked a few blocks away from the road into the farmland that it crosses. Continue reading

Digging in the Closet

IRL my closet is well-organized. Dresses, blouses, skirts are in their sections and all sorted by color – a regular run of ROYGBIV rainbows. Shoes are on the rack. Purses stored in 4 marvelous IKEA shoe and sweater hanger storage shelves and scarves hung on rings on  curtain rods on the wall.  I try to do the same in Second Life with folders for blouses, dresses, etc. But then it all falls apart because I have one folder for my Review Copies. The thing is, if I put them into my regular inventory, I might forget they were review copies and not credit that in my style notes, so I drop them all in one mad, mad, mad, mad folder.  I need a better system.  Except, perhaps with a better system I would not have come up with this outfit that I put together by checking out items from stores I have not featured recently.

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