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You will like this, look at the shoulders.


Sasy Scarborough who organized My Attic at The Deck invited me over for a peek about 30 minutes before the event opened and pointed to this dress and said, “You will like this, look at the shoulders.” Well, I finally got back to go buy it the other day and here I am wearing it with only a few hours before it closes. The dress is sleek and stylish and it does have beautifully shaped shoulders with silver studs. I don’t know why, but it got me hauling out the breastplate and other pieces of the Hydra set from Rozoregalia to push it from the Pop theme to a more hard edged Rock and Roll feel.
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Mano a Mano

Mano a mano

Roland Gustav, Hero of the battle of Cerronia. The flamboyant captain of the City Guard. Defender of the Freehold.

Tu’shan El’Aunayah. Warrior without equal. Leader of the Third Host of the People. Conqueror in the name of the Greater Destiny.

They meet on the final bridge before the city. The last battle to decide the fate of a people. One on One. Hand to Hand. Mano a Mano.
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While The Great SL Photo Hunt hurtles along, there happens to be another photo challenge that should be fun and interesting as well. Harlow Heslop has challenged folks to post raw, unedited shots. Since most of the time, all I do is crop photos, it was a relatively easy challenge. I had to refresh a few times to line shots up correctly within the frame I set the window, but other than that, it was mainly choosing a good windlight setting (Strawberry Singh’s Diamond) and policing my prims to make sure they looked good in the poses. Since I can upload directly from within SL into Flickr, it really was easy.

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The Music Man

My next guest stylist on It’s Only Fashion is DJ Anubis Darkwatch who apparently owns every song ever meant to be streamed in SL. Event after event after event you’ll see his name popping up as a featured DJ. Dubstep? 80s Night? Disco? DISNEY Dubstep? Retro industrial metal as covered by the Pixies in a basement in Prague? No matter, Anubis is spinning and socializing. Continue reading

Edelweiss plus Zoom Tutorial

Since Gidge brought up The Sound of Music, my mind went straight to Edelweiss when I looked at the pictures from last night’s shoot.

Edelweiss, Edelweiss
Every morning you greet me
Small and white clean and bright
You look happy to meet me
Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever
Bless my homeland forever

I shot these photos at the blanc part of the noir et blanc installations at World’s End. It’s such a beautiful sim and very uncluttered so it struck me as a good spot to make a short video tutorial on using the Zoom keys to change your cameral “lens” in Second Life. Most of the time we zoom by pressing down the option or alt key and ten using arrows, view or the mouse to move our camera about and to zoom in. That’s great, but it makes for very distorted close-ups. This little video will show you how the zoom controls work and contrast proper and improper methods of zoom.

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First Date/Second Date


Modern Gypsy’s newest collection is full of interesting and avant garde designs. The Dovetta dress is, in my opinion, the most arresting – or the most likely to get you arrested since it doubles as a deadly weapon. In jest, I said it was a First Date dress, but then decided to explore the idea further – styling it for a First Date with an unknown quantity, giving it a hard-edged, remote styling. I added tintable leggings from Fashionably Dead and a belt from M.A.II.K.I in a bright cerise.


Luckily for this imaginary date and me, the prims detach for a more comfortable Second Date. I switched to a red belt from Lelutka and ditched the leggings.

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Expectations 3 – High Expectations

This third look at how Sn@tch clothing passes beyond the Alternative label explores a fun mash-up that very editorial and high fashion. The basis is the Swirl & Swing outfit – a top and skirt outfit. I used just the skirt, though, opting to finally try out that Boudoir Black Lace Bodysuit that has been tempting me for the past month.

You could search the grid for a year and not find a better complement to the Boudoir bodysuit than Sn@tch’s fabulous Swirl and Swing skirt in black. The soft voile and lace over the opaque sculpty skirt has the perfect contrast to the lace so that it does not get lost – but also does not overwhelm. Sure a plain black skirt could work, but this is more interesting and more exciting. I love the William Morris-inspired print contrasting with the more baroque lace.

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