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It is what it is


Today’s blog post title comes from Mouse Mimistrobell of Dark Mouse fame. It works for this post because rather than attempting to explain the surrealist dreamscape that you find at Daytime Dreams where I shot the pictures, sometimes it just makes more sense to say “It is what it is” and simply enjoy the whimsical beauty without seeking any deeper meaning.


I added several pictures from the sim to Sasy Scarborough’s Second Life Stock Images Pool. Sometimes people prefer shooting in a studio and adding the background later. This is a source for great backgrounds from within SL.
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Dream Logic


My post title comes to you courtesy of Kerryth Tarantal. It’s a good choice because this dress from Sysy’s looks like a dream incarnate. While my family lived in the Northwoods of northern Minnesota, my sister lived in the Red River Valley where it’s so flat you can see the shore of Lake Agassiz from miles away as though it were some huge land formation. There’s even a viewpoint for drivers to pull over and marvel at this 8 foot “cliff” marking the shore. Lake Agassiz would be the largest lake in the world if it still existed – and that flat plain that is its former lakebed created a vast, flat plain of rich farmland. The thing is when an 8 foot lake edge is the most significant land mass for hundreds of miles, people tend to focus on the sky. And the vistas in the sky are amazing – the Northern Lights are definitely the Queen of the Sky Pageant, but Sky Blue Pink is First Runner Up. Sysy somehow managed to create a dress of Sky Blue Pink – that illusive color that we all know but struggle to define. I got the dress at Shoe Fair.


This set was shot at ImagiLearning Lowlands – one of the many gorgeous Imagilearning sims. The sky is a glorious Sky Blue Pink thanks to a windlight setting Gidge made and gave to me. You will have to hit her up for the NC of the setting.
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Mother, May I?


This blog title was brought to you courtesy of boyo on Plurk. When I asked for blog title ideas last night, I got a few and I am going to use them. Besides, it sort of fits with the intrepid Toonip Bloom I have sent off exploring today. Exploring Second Life is one thing, exploring islands with pirates! is another. But intrepid Toonip is intrepid and heads off without a worry or without asking, “Mother, may I?” Of course, it’s easy to feel intrepid when you’re looking all sweet and wonderful in Neferia’s Abel’s newest collection for L’Abel.

By the way, I am playing hooky to go exploring. You see, there’s a new feed in town and so I decided to lope off and play hooky so I could tell you about it. It’s the SL Style Academy and there are new-to-me bloggers on the feed, which is always a plus. It has a fun conceit and I love that they stick with it in their feed design.

Add the fabulous Coral Frills pump from S@bbia which can be found at the Shoe Fair, and you’re unstoppable. I am using some more of the Bent! poses made specially for the Bloom dolls.
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Back to Mysterious Wave


I had such a hard time finding a place to shoot photo pics last night. I ran around all over the place but I must have been bringing the Three Bears along with me because this sim was too hot and that sim was too cold and this sim was too soft and that sim was too hard. I seldom get in that nothing suits me mood and hate it because it really is me, not the sims that is out of sorts. I finally ended up at Mysterious Wave which has something for every bear with its many different exhibits.

On the clothing front, though, I was pleased with everything. I started the outfit out with the gauntlets. And therein lies a story. The other day I was browsing through some clothing and fashion sites and drooling over real life clothes and posted a plurkload of “please make these in SL” clothing porn. Imagine my delight when shortly after Tracy Rubble of Nzuri dropped me off one of items I had been lusting after – black gauntlets with dainty bows at the wrist. I love the combination of edgy goth gauntlets with the feminine detail of the bows. So thanks so much Tracy. I love my gauntlets. And guess what? She names them Cajsa Gauntlets. /me swoons!
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Where's Waldo?


When I shared a picture of this sim on plurk, Gogo said, “it looks like Where’s Waldo?” and she’s right. You will be very lost in a cacophony of color and detail at the Lemondrops Forest sim. Still, you should go there and explore. It’s full of whimy and fun, though be careful about crossing the bridge into Poopsburgh where only poops are allowed.


My outfit for exploring was certainly whimsical and fit right into Lemondrops Forest. The top is from Apple May designs and flowed perfectly into the Bottle Bird Petal Skirt I was wearing. The skirt comes with the accompanying leggings which are adorable, though I would prefer the option to wear with leggings or with a short glitch pants. Still, it’s easy enough to make acceptable glitch pants when the skirt is a plain fabric like this.

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It's a Men's Sweater & I Don't Care


So the other day my friend Hart Larsson of PXL Creations passed me a couple sweaters to try on and critique. He asked if I liked the colors and if the pois looked good. I asked “What’s pois?” Then I crashed before he answered.. or he crashed. I don’t remember. So…I googled it. You can google it, too. The first response in Google is Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome. So I log back in with some ammunition to tease him, and ask “What’s pois?” again, but he explained quite simply that it’s those little dots and sure enough if you look in a French-English dictionary – it is a polka dot or dot. I took pity on Hart and didn’t ask him about Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome after all.


You see, I got distracted by the details on the sweater – like the little tag sticking up on the back with the PXL logo on it. I actually said “Awwww, that’s so cute!” out loud, making my cat think I was talking to him and preen a little.  Anyway, it’s an adorable sweater in a rainbow of colors. It has charming details and it has pois. In fact, there’s only one thing wrong with it – it’s for men. However, I don’t care. It fits me like a glove and I am going to wear it anyway. And, ladies, just so you know, one of my critiques was that Hart needed to add some lighter colors which he did later – after I shot these pictures. So now there’s a nice antique rose, a cornflower blue, a lovely beige – beautiful colors for women AND men.


The look I went for was pretty casual and I shot the pictures at The Mother Road – an homage to Route 66. However, I didn’t shoot on the highway this time, but walked a few blocks away from the road into the farmland that it crosses. Continue reading

Heaven Lake


I am wearing another of the wonderful new gowns from Micah Kanto’s recent collection for Modern Gypsy. Femme de Magnifica has a luscious sculpted skirt with a fabulous belt. It’s nearly nude beige and gold tones give it a subtly sexy look.  After seeing Heaven Lake in a recent post by Randi Lenroy, I thought it might be a great setting to show off the dress.
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First Date/Second Date


Modern Gypsy’s newest collection is full of interesting and avant garde designs. The Dovetta dress is, in my opinion, the most arresting – or the most likely to get you arrested since it doubles as a deadly weapon. In jest, I said it was a First Date dress, but then decided to explore the idea further – styling it for a First Date with an unknown quantity, giving it a hard-edged, remote styling. I added tintable leggings from Fashionably Dead and a belt from M.A.II.K.I in a bright cerise.


Luckily for this imaginary date and me, the prims detach for a more comfortable Second Date. I switched to a red belt from Lelutka and ditched the leggings.

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If the Shoe Fits, Wear It Again & Again

I love the playful look of the Magnifico Plateau shoes. In particular, the blue ones with that beautiful shade of blue that reminds me of the Melmac dinnerware at my uncle’s cabin on Lake Kabetogama. I suppose associating shoes with dinnerware is a bit odd, but that dinnerware reminds me of family picnics, playing with cousins, tramping through the woods and hours of fun on the lake.  Just about everyone had Melmac dinnerware at their lake cabins because that stuff was indestructible. You know, Mad Max and all the post-apocalyptic survivors may lack for a lot of niceties, but they would still have Melmac. Here I am enjoying some music while wearing a great top from Eldee and capris from artilleri.
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Dreaming Of The Shoe Fair

Style Notes:

***Bold R Denotes a Review or Promotional Copy***

  • Skin – Adam N Eve – Jasmine – Tone 2 – Lilac R
  • Hair – Exile – Carly – Ash R
  • Top – Friday – Gatcha from Shoe Fair – Twofer Top
  • Jeans – Sn@tch – Vintage Virgin Jeans
  • Shoes -A-Bomb – Khitten Heels R

Yeah, it’s a shortie. I’m sleepy. Give me a break!