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Bandana Day

bandana day_006

One of the great elements of Hair Fair is that it asks for more participation from us than just shopping, blogging or building. Each year, it asks all of us to take off our hair and don a bandana in solidarity with those who are going through cancer treatment and losing their hair. Hair is very precious to us. Most of us when asked to describe ourselves, start with our hair color Our hairstyles are our signs to the world, communicating our interests, tastes and values. When people lose their hair, that signifier that said they are chic, or sporty, or rebellious is lost and replaced with a new signifier – Cancer Patient.
Bandana Day 2011
That is why Wigs For Kids is such a critical support to children who are going through cancer treatment. Children are already struggling to establish their identity, to individuate – and when cancer treatment robs them of such a critical signifier as hair, it’s important to restore that as best we can.
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Take Your Damned Wasabi Pills OR ELSE!

It takes very little more endorsement than either Hybie or Honour to shoot a place, but when both of my to go travel blogs shoot the SAME spot well – I’m bound to end up over there. Continue reading

Medium Length Hair – Hair Fair 2011


I like medium length hair styles that give you the softness and free-flowing hair of the long styles without any of the intersections and pose difficulties of long hair. Sadly, it is one of the least common hair lengths produced in Second Life. That is odd, because medium length hair is pretty common in real life. As with the other composites of hair styles from the Hair Fair, you can see the larger pictures in a set on my Flickr.
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Hair Fair Long Hair Styles


There’s a lot of wonderful styles of long hair at Hair Fair. Here’s a sampling of what you can find. You can see the full size pictures in a set on my Flickr.


After shooting all the long styles, I ran over to Silent Hill, a role-playing sim, and popped on an OOC/Visitor tag to snap some pictures. It’s a gorgeous, moody retro Americana sim that looks like the perfect setting for something scary.
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Ribbons, Bows and Furbelows, Casual Hair at Hair Fair


What are furbelows anyway? I googled and found out they are pleats or ruffles used to embellish your clothing – so good enough. This is collection of Hair Fair styles that are more casual and incorporate hats, headbands, ribbons, flowers or even butterflies. Any additional adornment or embellishment. There are 29 styles and you can see the full size pictures in this Flickr set.

FrouFour Picnic_008

Looking for a more casual outfit to show off these hairstyles, I pulled out these WoE Gauge 2 Jeans with the strawberry patch. The top is a shortie from Moonshine and the belt is from Coco.
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Fancy-Ass Hair

Formal Hat & Embellished Hair

Gidge dared me to call it that. Frankly, my folder for this hair is named Formal Hair: Embellished or Hats. But Fancy-Ass hair is more descriptive and that’s what it is. This is Wow! hair. There’s full size shots of each of these in the Set on my Flickr.
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Frou Frou brings Me both Hat Hair and Goddess Hair

Hair called picnic sent me packing with my trusty picnic basket in search of the perfect location.

It’s another new release from the HAIR FAIR and FROU FROU has created a few lovely styles for the event, I’m bringing you two of them for your viewing pleasure as they are the two which melted my butter. Continue reading

I'm Giving This Hair A Raspberry

Ok that’s a lie. I’m not.

It’s another totally cute Hair Fair Release from Raspberry Aristocrat.

More styles below! I’m showing off various blonde shades for you. They do a nice pastel toned blonde thats stubtle and pretty. You know how I hate bad blondes, so this one is a win to me. Continue reading