Wishing Well


How appropriate that this photo shoot was done at the Wishing Well at the Looking Glass sim, because I am full of wishes right now. At least half center on getting rid of this stupid cold that is kicking my ass. Until that wish is granted I expect my blogging to be a bit erratic as I have not been well enough to be in-world and shoot photos. Luckily I had these photos waiting for when I felt well enough to blog without whining too much. Anyway, it’s just a cold and it will get better – soon or later, but until then, wish me well.


Have you noticed that I am very fond of the Looking Glass? There are so many little gems there to enjoy. Even if you don’t want to shoot pictures, you should go for the sheer pleasure. By the way, I should take this opportunity to urge you all to tip sim owners when you love their sims. Think of the wonderful sims that give us all so much pleasure to explore and add such beauty and interest to our SL lives. Many of them are non-commercial and really are labors of love and generosity. Contributing a small tip when you visit will help offset the cost – though only in part – but also show the sim owner that you value their work. Usually there’s a tip jar somewhere around the entrance, but if not you can inspect an object to find the owner as well.


My dress is from Studio Sidhe and is just a joy. It has a long or short skirt option and they are both delightful. I wore the cocktail length because that makes the beautiful embroidery at the hem more noticeable. The shoes are from last season’s Paper Couture collection.


The hair is a casual look from Truth worn with some jewelry from Twinkleberry. The hair band has a color-changing touch script. The Twinkleberry jewelry reminds me a bit of the embroidery with seed pearls on the bodice, hem and straps of the dress.


The skin is from PXL Creations – Dafne with the Blue makeup option.

****STYLE NOTES******
Promotional Copies are denoted by a Bold R

  • Poses: Gesticulate
  • Skin: PXL Creations Dafne NAT Blue
  • Eyes: Unique
  • Lashes: Lelutka Diva Prim Lashes
  • Hair: Truth Lanie
  • Nails: PXL Creations
  • Dress: Studio Sidhe Blue Emerald Leafe Cocktail Dress
  • Shoes: Paper Couture Blue Pastel Flower
  • Jewelry: Twinkleberry Perla
  • Location: The Looking Glass Well

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