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This outfit highlights two Accessory Fair participants, Ticky Tacky and Dahlinks – as well as the outstanding dress from Agnes Finney for the memorial fundraiser For the Love of McQueen.  I confess that the moment I saw the Agnes Finney Dress Mayur, I fell in love with it. In many ways, I even prefer her dress to the original McQueen dress that I think inspired it. I also think it is a beautiful illustration of the difference between inspiration and plagiarism.  You can see elements of the original within the Agnes Finney design, but reimagined in such a way that the new design is distinctive and completely divisible from the original.

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Not Gollum

Agnes Finney makes deliciously glam clothing, but I confess that her store name To My Precious makes me think of Gollum. However, is there anything in the world less Gollumish than this gorgeously glam red dress with the thigh-high slit in the pencil skirt and the glorious butterfly sleeves?

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