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It Was A Dark And Stormy Night – In Paris

A Dark And Stormy Night - In Paris

If you aren’t a 20 something and you hearken back to your youth, you’ll remember that back in the day in the Peanuts cartoons, Snoopy was often working on his book. His book always begins “It was a dark and stormy night…”. What you might not know is that there is an entire, long running fiction contest centered around this premise – beginning terrible fiction with the phrase IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT.

I actually once purchased a compendium of the Bulwer -Lytton contest entries and laughed for days reading it. It’s one of the seminal phrases in American faux literature, and when I rezzed Barnesworth Anubis new skybox for Collabor88 – my first thought was OMG IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT. Continue reading

I Don’t Care I Do What I Want

I Do What I Want_001

Sock and hose together? I don’t care I do what I want! Bag doesn’t match shoes? I don’t care, I do what I want!

I had Eric Cartman in my mind as I put on my gacha prizes from The Chapter Four, yeah I’m still going on about that. I like taking all the gacha things and then wearing them all together. It’s like a sport to me. Continue reading

Nailed It

Chilly Spring Days

I wanted new poses that would flatter my mesh nails, and so I made one then two then three and I was like oh I might as well make a set, then I was like oh I might as well release them because other people have mesh nails they might like them. Continue reading

Why I Blog Meme


Strawberry Singh in her seemingly infinite curiosity has a new meme asking people to explain why they blog. I figure that is something I have to be able to answer.

How long have you been blogging? Since January 1, 2008.

Why did you start blogging? For all the free stuff, of course. Joking!!! I blogged for months before I ever received a single preview copy from a designer. People who blog know that even with promotional copies, there are all sort of expenses since there is more to an outfit that a piece of clothing. There’s the shoes, the hair, the jewelry, etc. I am sure a few people start blogging with that moment and they are the ones who quit blogging in three months. For me, I love fashion and love styling outfits. I also wanted to challenge myself as photographer. And clearly, I have to be a bit of a show-off to holler “Hey, Look at me! See what I’m wearing” once a day.

How many times a week do you post an entry? I try to post daily. I like to imagine my readers checking once a day and I don’t want to disappoint them by not having new content.


How many different blogs do you read on a regular basis? I read hundreds of blogs. I check the several feeds, but I also have use a reader for blogs that aren’t on feeds. Besides Second Life blogs, I read fashion blogs, news and opinion blogs and online magazine sites.

Do you comment on other people’s blogs? Not as often as I should. I would comment more if CAPCHA died in a fire.

Do you keep track of how many visitors you have? Yes and no. When I think of it, I do. However, I have not added Google Analytics or anything to really get a complete view of my visitors. I just look at the built-in WordPress stats. I would love to get an aggregate count of blog and feed views.

Did you ever regret a post that you wrote? No. I am pretty judicious in what I blog. Most of it is about fashion. Occasionally I have addressed one or another issue that is roiling the community, but I think I am able to bring a fair analysis to them. I do not expect to please everyone. That would be banal.

Do you think your readers have a true sense of who you are based on your blog? A bit, not a complete sense. I don’t discuss politics on my blog, so there’s a big piece of my personal interests and passion left out.

Do you blog under your real name? Not my real name, but my real Second Life pseudonym. My blog is pseudonymous, not anonymous.


What is the theme/topic of your blog? The main topic is clearly Second Life fashion. I also write about my life, what I think about things and sometimes I do tutorials.

Do you have more than one blog? If so, why? Yes. I also have Blogging Second Life, Second Sites and Single Servings. The first is not so much a blog, but a directory of Second Life stores and blogs. Second Sites is a place anyone can post a pic and slurl to create a collection of SL sims. Single Servings is a recipe/cooking blog. I also blog about Second Life art and photography at Shopping Cart Disco, though I have been slacking lately on that one. I feel like I have said everything and am just repeating myself.

What have you found to be the benefits of blogging? It’s a method of self-expression. More importantly, it provides structure, discipline and a focus objective in Second Life – something to do. It has connected me to the broader SL community. It’s fun, probably the most important benefit.

Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: Status
Skin: [PXL] Sophia NAT Pale lips MEB C2
Makeup Tattoos: [PXL] Sophia NAT Lust Eyes (tattoo layer)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard
Lashes: Lelutka
Mani/Pedi: SLink Mesh Hands with FLAIR Nails
Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*42(Sienna)
Clothing: MOLiCHiNO Jourdan Bodysuit purple
MOLiCHiNO Liri Dress
Shoes: Baiastice_Lira Pumps-purple-
Jewelry: Donna Flora Julia necklace, earrings and Ring (White)
Location: Lettuce
So, why do you continue to blog? I still have something to say. I still enjoy it.

The Cure For Fashion Ennui Is FASHION WEEK

Shopping Therapy_003

Cajsa rousted me from my sloth by taking me to the Avenue Retail room, where the fashion houses of SL are putting for sale the items they’ve shown on the runways. As the room began to rez, directly in front of me stood a pink dream.

So I had to have it. Continue reading

The Pixel Gidge at Six

A Night Out with Sasy, Whimsy, and Anessa

I had just wrapped up my FLF shopping when Sasy insisted I come out and be festive for a while. Her suggestion for festive was to start at Bewbapalooza or however it’s spelled. It’s a sale event (I dunno if discounted) for the wearers of the mesh boobs. It’s also carnival themed and Whimsy played the strong man game and won me a popsicle. YAY POPSICLE.

Anessa Stine joined us and fondled her boobs as we wandered around looking at the items.

It was somewhere about that time, that Sasy said “It’s your REZ DAY!”

OMG. It was my rez day and I didn’t even know it. SL Old Age kicks in.

Dream and Believe

We popped over to the Men’s Department sale next and while Whimsy oooo’d over kilts (and the lack of underwear beneath I think) I grabbed the free gift from Handverk – a red scale clutch. There is probably some humor in the fact that the gift at the Men’s Department sale is for women. Or, men who carry a red scale murse. Continue reading

Tuli I Have Missed You

tuli_003And so has my face.

Gidge Is Wearing
Lipstick: [:Tuli:] Helena / pearl :: Lips :: Sheer Champagne (gloss)
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 5
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Lumi Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Rye
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin[:Tuli:] Helena / pearl (light) :: 03 dimples
Eyes: Ibanez Liquid Eyes – Dire Wolf


I Had To Travel

Hiring A Nanny


Hiring a live in nanny for while you travel isn’t as easy as it seems. We’ll see how she works out.

Gidge Is Wearing:

Tank: :::Sn@tch Butch Tank Top (Tan/Sheer-S):::
Hose: (CM) Pantyhose (gradient) (black) sl
Hair: *Alice Project* Vicious – Infinity & *Alice Project* Vicious Fiber Optics
Sweater: :[The Plastik]:-Astreia Sweater [XS-S]:// Lilia-Golden
Pants: :[the Plastik ]:-Stardust Pants://s:Invaders
Shoes: Miamai_Daisy_Moss Green
Clutch: [HANDverk]Red Scale Clutch.gift
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: -Belleza- Ava Fair 3
Eyes: Ibanez Liquid Eyes – Cotton Candy
Poses: STATUS – Clutch It

Still Looking


Stopping off in another place to look for letters for the Room 326 hunt as it draws to a close before MadPea Productions opens a new hunt, I saw this fabulous old merry-go-round and had to go for a ride. I was dressed in some of the items from the last two Baiastice releases including this gorgeous handbag released a couple of weeks ago. With a rich alligator hide and classic styling, it’s a wonderful handbag to hold all those letters I am finding (or not finding).

Continue reading

Diminished Seventh


There is something calming about the Blues. I don’t know why, but I’ve always found the mourning of lost loves and songs about sadness to have a mellowing effect.

I grew up in a town with one of the best blues bars you’ll find anywhere, the Slippery Noodle Inn. The Noodle was perfect for both the end and beginning of your night, or for an evening when you just want to listen to good music and hang out with your friends. Continue reading