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Who ate Tarzan?

Whilst wandering around some of the new shopping sims I found BeetleBones – a fun little clothing store where I picked up this love dark blue leopard print dress with the best name ever for a leopard print anything. It’s called “I Ate Tarzan!”  How perfect is that. Such wit and humor must be rewarded so I picked up the adorable little dress – a strapless shirtwaist that I paired with another of those lovely shrugs from BOOM – the Wrong Size Cardigan.

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Up on the Roof

Like many of the people in SL, I live in a skybox. Actually, I have joined a couple skyboxes together to make my house, moving and removing some walls and plopping a little skybox on top of the main one. I also use the roof – it’s my dance and party floor decorated with fantastical flowers from Eshi Otawara. I love astronomy and added a little meteor shower from 2extreme just for fun.

I decided to shoot this outfit up on the roof just to shoot around those beautiful flowers.  The top is a lovely casual black and gray top from Dutch Touch, and the gray pants are wonderful wide leg palazzos.

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Do You Dare?

Chance Greatrex of DARE makes some amazing poses. He doesn’t have a vast inventory, but instead has created some very specialized poses such as those recreating the art of Richard Longo or these editorial poses from high fashion photographers.  They are particularly difficult poses to make and still successfully avoid strange torsions and ugly twisting of the mesh, but he manages to make it work.

When I saw this baby doll nightie at Ardigraf Design Group, I decided that it would be a fun outfit to use for a shoot using his editorial poses since it is too sheer and skimpy to hide pose failures.  Besides, I have no idea how many times someone has asked if I knew where to find a nightie…and now at long last, I do.

It happens that posemaker Chance Greatrex posed for my Double Take project as well.

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Big Bad Blogger Challenge #4

Alice Chenaux now asks us:  “If there was someone you could trade places with for one day in Second Life, who would it be and why? Bonus points if you find this person and snap a picture with them!” This is hard to answer as  there really is not anyone I would like to trade places with.   For me, Second Life is very much about being and doing what I have created as my life in Second Life –  woman with a creative occupation whose life is unburdened by responsibilities, living somewhat a frivolous and self-indulgent life.   I would not mind logging in as Gidge for an hour and creating some folders for her to sort her inventory into because her inventory is one big long unsorted (ever) mess. Wherever a folder landed when opened, that’s where it’s at.  Then again, perhaps if it were orderly, she might not find anything. What I would really love to do is one of those operations where you can see the desktop of someone else’s computer while they are still there – and see how a few of the jewelers I so admire actually do what they do. I mean, how do they work with such tiny prims, how do they make them so small? How can they see what they are doing? Their work astonishes and amazes me and I would love to be able to watch them work through their eyes. As luck has it, I do have photos of some of the marvelous jewelers who make Second Life much more beautiful for me though I have not yet shot the jeweler who made the lovely necklace in earrings for this outfit.

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A-Bomb is The Bomb

When Lavea Alter dropped a folder with some newness from A-Bomb, I didn’t look right away. I had recently shown a few great outfits from A-Bomb and had a long list of to-do outfits. But then, curiosity got the better of me and I tried on this outfit called Ventura Highway and was thrilled to see that Lavea has added the shadows on the skin that clothes naturally cast – a huge step forward in design and one that very few clothiers take the trouble and effort to do. Look along the neckline, the waistline, the edges of the top – this is someone stepping it up several notches. And look at that prim ruffle, is that insanely good or what? What’s even better is the ruffle comes on the chest and the spine so you can wear it as you need it.

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Paint Me Purple (Wisteria)

Okay, this is only sort of purple. I am easing into the big Paint the Grid Purple todo tomorrow with this wisteria colored frock from Couverture.  The shoes are ones I chose as part of my Blogger Appreciation gift from Maitreya – from the wonderful Soho boots. What you could see if you zoomed is that fabric is very similar to the fabric in the jumper.  I could not resist.

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Quick Look – Rebel Hope

I ran over to check out the 1920’s Berlin build and when I popped in, I saw that we were asked to dress for the period. I have folders inside folders inside folders in my inventory and in my Clothing Folder, there is a Vintage folder and inside that there is a Twenties folder. So I popped this on and was ready to go.

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

It’s May and the sun peeps out every 15 minutes or so behind the normal grey Oregon sky – a harbinger of the real summer that will come next month. Looking out my window I see a riot of flowers, tulips, lavender, rhodies and azaleas and it’s so lovely. With that sort of sunny mood, I wanted a sunny dress and this one from Anuenue seems perfect for the occasion.

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The Most Elegant Shape – The Sheath

There is no more elegant shape than a well-made sheath dress. I have thought this before, but it was never so profoundly drummed into my head as when I saw the incredibly inappropriate butt-shots of Princess Letizia and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy during a recent state visit. It is wrong that this was the photo published around the world from this state visit – and yet it is an eye-catching and beautiful photo. Now what makes it so is not just that they are lovely women, but that they are both wearing sheath dresses that really accentuate their form. And so, to show you what I mean, I chose another incredible sheath dress, this one from Victoria V.

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