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An Investment Dress


The Shimmy Dress from ICING is one of those wardrobe foundations that you can build a wardrobe around. It has all the hallmarks of an investment dress – a classic silhouette that is never out of style, multiple layer options to coordinate with other clothing, colors that work in every season, and quality construction that is deceptively simple. These are qualities that make a dress take on a different mood as its styled with different accessories.

This is the dress for the quick change artist in you. In this post I will show you how easy it is to take a good investment dress and make several looks from high fashion to funky bohemian to vintage classic, all with a few accessory changes. Don’t for a second think this was all, either. I had several other possibilities in mind, but thought five was more than enough to make the case for this investment dress.  There are many investment pieces out there. While not making it an official “challenge” I would love to see what ideas you have for investment purchases that build a versatile wardrobe.

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Jewelry Fair Faves: Bliensen & MaiTai


One of my favorite sets from the Jewelry Fair is the wonderful mosaic set from Bliensen & MaiTai. Coming in 10 gorgeous options, they are irresistible. I wanted something nice and classic to show them off and wore this top from MAiiKI and a pencil skirt from MichaMi.
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First Date/Second Date


Modern Gypsy’s newest collection is full of interesting and avant garde designs. The Dovetta dress is, in my opinion, the most arresting – or the most likely to get you arrested since it doubles as a deadly weapon. In jest, I said it was a First Date dress, but then decided to explore the idea further – styling it for a First Date with an unknown quantity, giving it a hard-edged, remote styling. I added tintable leggings from Fashionably Dead and a belt from M.A.II.K.I in a bright cerise.


Luckily for this imaginary date and me, the prims detach for a more comfortable Second Date. I switched to a red belt from Lelutka and ditched the leggings.

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Eponymous Me!

The Cajsa Suit comes with a black wide belt, however, I wanted the bright orange pop of this M*A*ii*K*I belt to counterbalance the necklace.

So, more in jest than in than anything, I have occasionally whined that with a name like Cajsa, I will never get anything named after me. After all, who would no know to pronounce it. Well, Leah McCullough of NAIVE did a cannonball into the pool and created the suit I am wearing above and named it Cajsa. Yes, I now have eponymous clothing!! So, here’s the tutorial so you can run to NAIVE and pick up the Cajsa Suit in blue (shown), pink, gray or black. The first syllable is pronounced CAI as in Cairo and the second is pronounced ZHA as in Asia. No excuses now, so off you get to NAIVE. Meanwhile, I am going to jam to James Brown:

I feel good, I knew that I would, now
I feel good, I knew that I would, now
So good, so good, I got you

Whoa! I feel nice, like sugar and spice
I feel nice, like sugar and spice
So nice, so nice, I got you

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Nyte'N'Day Take Two

So having established that Nyte’N’Day produces new, current and luxurious styles, let me show you how Nyte’N’Day also rocks. Take for example, this top/minidress called Snap. Now how many people dare put something out in Blaze Orange? Not that many. Nyte has this luscioius and versatile dress out in several colors and also selles a lovely corset that could be paired with it as well. I decided to go a different route, though and grabbed the belts on the the jacket layer from one of Zaara’s old dresses.

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Fashionable Relay Challenge #30

How many of us thought it would take more than two months to work our way through the Fashionable Relay Challenge – and that we have is testament to the inspiration and guiding force behind the challenge Sasy Scarborough – and she will surely see us through to the end. I have enjoyed seeing the varied but always well-executed outfits throughout the challenge, but none more so than Elisabeth of Ou la la mode, so I was very pleased when Sasy asked me to pick up the baton after her. So, her outfit has several elements that I would love to build an outfit from including the jeans, vest, belt, hair and shoes. I ran around checking them out and finally decided on the Wide Belt Embossing from Coco because I needed a good casual prim belt.

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