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If you love shoes, you always get a jackpot on the 21st


Penumbra Fashion Week continues for just a few more days. I decided to feature another dress from A la Folie. This one is Gloria and I chose it for a few reasons. The sunny color is a delight and a wonderful contrast to the cloudy skies. I also love pencil skirt and the Sixties styling. It makes me think of Oscar de la Renta from that era. Then, it is the 21st, which means 21 Shoe, which means the gorgeous shoes that are after the cut are for sale for this day only, and this dress and those shoes seem made for each other.


I have not been to Roche for some time. I dropped in to visit and confirm that it is still one of the loveliest sims on the grid. Continue reading

Bright Lights, Big City


Yesterday I was feeling country and today it’s all about the big city. Legal Insanity’s Trunk Show is today and trunk shows are such a city phenomenon.  This Stefani Slim pants are one of the designs featured at the trunk show and they are fun fashion.

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I am just home from a long day at the hospital for some tests, so this will be short and sweet. The dress is a gorgeous easily draped long shift with an easy bateau neckline. By Nylon Pinkney of Nylon Outfitters, it can be found at this month’s Collabor88. It comes in this sunshine yellow or a rainy blue – both lovely abstract prints that are works of art.
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I Love Rock and Roll


I love Rock and Roll almost as much as Joan Jett does. I am feeling particularly rock and roll today in this rockin’ outfit from Gizza with a boost from Baistice and MiaMai. Gizza’s Anarchy outfit includes sleeveless mesh tees that can be worn for a bit more coverage and a leather biker cap. It’s a hot rock outfit, with glam elements such as the quilted leather skirt and the gold chain belt. I wanted to add to the glam, though, so I added a jacket from Baiastice full of gold studs. It comes in several colors and I was tempted to go for black, but decided I like the use of silver with gold.

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Pop vs. Soda


The Soda Pop Dress from Deco for April’s Collabor88 reminded me of the ancient cultural struggle between those who say Soda and those who say Pop and the outliers who say Coke. It’s a conflict that has been mapped and researched and will probably continue long after we all are gone. DECO’s designer sidestepped the controversy by called the dress the Soda Pop dress, showing a keen instinct for diplomacy.

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Too Much Fun at Fashion Week



I have had a lot of fun watching and lusting for all the fabulous fashions at Fashion Week and will be perched on a comfy chair watching today’s shows, too. If only my budget matched my enthusiasm. I picked up this fabulous swing jacket from Ladies Who Lunch in the Retail section at Fashion Show. It came with flats and a coordinating dress, but I decided to mix it up, adding a swimsuit top from Sn@tch and pants from Goucci.




I stopped by a new-to-me shop the other day and fell in love with the foyer before I even saw one piece of clothing. When you look up Goucci in Search, you teleport into the perfect spot, as though you have just stepped off the elevator. So clever.  That’s where I picked up these adorable pants. Bargain hunters, add Goucci to your list. The clothing is beautifully made and more-than-reasonably priced.  The flat you see are the ones that came in the Fashion Week set from Ladies Who Lunch.  Continue reading

Fashion Week


It is time for the AVENUE Spring/Summer Fashion Week and the floodgates have opened as one design house after another releases the their latest collections for the season. The Spring/Summer fashions focus on a breezy casual look as you can see in this design from MIAMAI that paired skinny trousers with a short floaty floral top. The scooped in shoulder gives this a new shape and a modern edge.

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Easter Hatology



It is Easter a holiday, a Christian holiday celebrated on the day of a pagan rite celebrating spring. We are told it is named after Eostre, the goddess of spring. Our source for that is the Venerable Bede who wrote in his book On the The Reckoning of Time “Eosturmonath has a name which is now translated “Paschal month”, and which was once called after a goddess of theirs named Eostre, in whose honour feasts were celebrated in that month. Now they designate that Paschal season by her name, calling the joys of the new rite by the time-honoured name of the old observance.”




You know, he could have been joking. He did a lot of fabricating in his book. I guess, lacking Google, he filled in with imagination what he didn’t have well-sourced. The only thing that is known that several cognates in other languages mean dawn, so it’s possible it could be the dawn of spring. This really is the only early evidence of Eostre. There’s Grimm of course, but he’s closer to our time and is even more certainly inventing as he goes along.

Still, the commercial traditions of easter eggs and bunnies and peeps are harmless fun that make a holiday special for kids who are not quite ready to understand the metaphysical aspect of the day. They also give the holiday secular components that make it part of the unofficial civic religion that people of all and no faiths participate in as part of being here in this society. That is how Easter works for me. So, of course I am wearing an Easter bonnet, courtesy of Gidge who sent it to me. Thanks, Gidge!
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Peek a Boo!


So this is an outfit to wear clubbing. The sleek, almost mirror-like pants look great under the moving colored lights over the dance floor. The top is about as sexy and revealing as is legal and yet cool, comfortable and perfect for dancing. I imagine that little bow could tempt someone to pull one end, but smart tailoring has stitched it closed so there won’t be an murder on the dance floor tonight.



The super sheer lace is lined along the facing, providing strategic opacity just where it is needed. Little chain button closures flirt with exposure but are perfectly secure. Because it is sheer, it has to fit perfectly and it does. There is no alpha with this top because the point is exposing the skin.  Continue reading