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Second Life Art & Photos: What I Like #14

"Smoke on the water, a fire in the sky"

Smoke on the Water Fire in the Air by Shyralei.

I like Smoke on the Water Fire in the Air by Shyralei. The only bold colors are the red of her eyes and lips, everything else is blacks and grays with a hint of blue that adds a chill. The smoke adds an aura of mystery. There are the 45° black lines which are called sinister diagonals because they create a sense of foreboding, of loss. it’s an emotionally evocative picture.

Take Me Somewhere Nice by Mr. Munro

I like Take Me Somewhere Nice by Mr. Munro. It’s a great example of how window lighting can add emotional impact to a photo. The composition is good. Following the rule of thirds, the couple is placed so they are centered on a vertical line one-third from the right. As much of her is to the right of that line as he is to the left. Her head is one-third from the top and the tabletop he rests his head on is one third from the bottom. Continue reading

World's End

I went to the World’s End last night and contrary to most apocalyptic movies, it was lovely. Dressing for the world’s end is a tricky business – do you want to get all Mad Max and ready for anything or do you want to hold fast to your own aesthetic and be at ease? I don’t know the best choice for every world’s end scenario, but for the World’s End build in Second Life, this feminine, soft pastel print dress from e!, or Eclectic Apparel and Accessories.
In the popular parlance of X Y is X, Beautiful sim is beautiful. In the preferred X Y is Z way of saying it Beautiful sim is delightful, delovely and divine.

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