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Wishing Well


How appropriate that this photo shoot was done at the Wishing Well at the Looking Glass sim, because I am full of wishes right now. At least half center on getting rid of this stupid cold that is kicking my ass. Until that wish is granted I expect my blogging to be a bit erratic as I have not been well enough to be in-world and shoot photos. Luckily I had these photos waiting for when I felt well enough to blog without whining too much. Anyway, it’s just a cold and it will get better – soon or later, but until then, wish me well.


Have you noticed that I am very fond of the Looking Glass? There are so many little gems there to enjoy. Even if you don’t want to shoot pictures, you should go for the sheer pleasure. By the way, I should take this opportunity to urge you all to tip sim owners when you love their sims. Think of the wonderful sims that give us all so much pleasure to explore and add such beauty and interest to our SL lives. Many of them are non-commercial and really are labors of love and generosity. Contributing a small tip when you visit will help offset the cost – though only in part – but also show the sim owner that you value their work. Usually there’s a tip jar somewhere around the entrance, but if not you can inspect an object to find the owner as well.
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Guest Stylist Trixie Bumbo


Trixie Bumbo gamely volunteered for a shoot as guest stylist last weekend. I asked her to share a comment about her outfit and she said, “When Cajsa and Gidge asked me to be a guest stylist I must have tried about a thousand outfit combinations trying to find something that felt right. Finally I gave up and went with my “go to” outfit. I love the soft, warm textures, graceful lines and subtle sexiness of this dress. It goes almost anywhere – it always works.” The dress is called Desiree and is from Kunglers.


Something about it made me think of classical togas – even though it is a collared shirtwaist – so I decided to shoot it at the ruins at The Looking Glass. While exploring after the shoot, I discovered that the ruins are a set piece that you can purchase there on the sim.
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The Looking Glass


Marcus Inkpen, whose amazing No Sound build for the Utopia Islands exhibition sims may be familiar to many of you, has a more recent build called The Looking Glass that is equally stunning and a beautiful setting to show off this gorgeous new suit from Sissy Pessoa’s fall collection for Baiastice.


The Looking Glass is a working sim with galleries and shops in beautifully built stores. As you can see through the window, these pictures were shot outside a gallery.
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360 Degrees of High Fashion

Scribble Saturday Morning_006.jpg

As a devoted Project Runway fan who has never missed an episode, I can remember dozens of outfits that impressed me coming down the runway only to crash into the Valley of Bad Design once the model turned and walked back to the curtain. A few episodes back Tim Gunn proffered some of his best advice ever, reminding the designer that good design is 360 degrees – looking good from all angles. Well, some designers he does not have to remind about that are Royal Blue’s Marni Grut and Kenzie & Co.’s Kenzie Craven. These clothes were created by designers so cognizant that good design looks great from the back and sides as well as the front, that I decided to showcase this look from the back.

Scribble Saturday Morning_004.jpg

The Kenzie & Co. Zipper Racerback is the most obviously designed with attention to the back – but look at the lovely Jodhpurs on Crack from Royal Blue – they make your bum look good and the houndstooth detailing adds interest coming and going. The photos were taken at The Looking Glass – a new build from Marcus Inkpen
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