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MY Vintage Fair …. FINALLY….

I am a vintage clothing freak in SL.. I love vintage and I have the full closet to prove it. So, when I heard about the Vintage Fair I could hardly contain myself. I took my time… perused the many shops … and bought a few things… and for my VERY FIRST Vintage Fair Post…. you get… this classic look from Jador Fashions.

Kay - 1

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Stranger in Tableau

A few days ago I was such in a shopping mood (it never happens….erm…..sure!) that I created a totally new look which i’m so in love with. And today, me, stranger in Tableau, took some snaps I hope you’ll appreciate.

Stranger in Tableau

Happy is a new to me brand that I casually discovered lately and, well, when I saw this awesome tunic I knew it would have been mine. I chose the cream tone and I’m really Happy (:P) with it!

Do you like my new bag?

What to wear with the tunic? Stretchy skinny jeans would be a good choice, along with leggings like the cute ones from Tee*fy I’m wearing in the pic.
Then I thought I needed a bag that could go well with the outfit and Izumiya came to my mind. And I was right, I found this cool bag which can be worn on shoulder or on hand and that is scripted to change textures in 12 different colors. Oh, I so like it!

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Umber – Week 19

Yes.. I know.. I’m WAY behind and I haven’t been posting and I’m a blog loser… but hey.. I been busy… Ok… so… I’m off work for a few weeks.. so I should be able to catch up.  NOW, week 19 of the 52-Weeks of Color Challenge was Umber.  And I chose this dress from House of Fox.

Love the sexy over the shoulder ruffle…. very soft and frilly to contrast the clean lines of the body of the dress.  Love the look and House of Fox will be on my shopping list for next time around…..

Style Notes:

Dress:  House of Fox – SassyGoth

Shoes:  Maitreya – Allure, Umber

Earrings: Zaara – Sarayi Wood Hoops, gold

Hair:  W&Y – Model Hair 20

Skin:  Belleza – Erika, SK 1

Eyes:  Poetic Colors – October Wind

Lashes:  Miamai – No Alpha Lashes, No1

Nails:  Candy Nail – basic nails Pink01

Shades of Grey

I’ve never participated in a bloggers challenge and when I saw Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks Of Color challenge I thought to myself… that I can do!  So, for the first week, here is my contribution.

My offering for this week’s color .. grey.. is a cute little number from League.  These mix and match vests, skirts and thermal socks are nothing new, but still a staple in my closet.

Style Notes:

Outfit:  League – Grandad Braces, Black/Gold/Creases; League – Grandad Vest Cropped Half Open, Dark Grey; League – Thermal Skirt, Dark Grey; League -Thermal Long Sock, Dark Grey

Tattoo: Luck – Garder Belt Gun Holster Tattoo

Shoes:  N-Core Casting

Hair:  W&Y – Style 21

Skin:  Laq – Julie 02

Eyes:  Poetic Colors – Bright – grand canyon

Why the Excitement?


Every release from Paper Couture is accompanied by an excited frenzy of shopping and blogging the newest finds among their new collection. It’s also accompanied by a chorus of those questioning why there is so much excitement. It’s a good question as there are so many excellent designers in Second Life whose work is not greeted with such a frenzy. Of course, most designer release on a more frequent basis and so by the time a Paper Couture collection is released, there is always some pent-up anticipation, but that alone does not explain their popularity.
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At the Ritz

Believe me, if I am going to get stuck in an elevator, I want it to be a The Ritz in a gorgeous art deco design elevator complete with wood inlay panels that could have been made by Frank Lloyd Wright and glorious overhead lighting. The one thing missing is the man to turn the stuck in the elevator inconvenience into a romantic introduction and interlude. What’s not missing is the gorgeous, luxurious coat and hat – including the extravagantly beautiful and inspired coat from Paper Couture.

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1 + 1 = 1

No, I didn’t flunk math, but in this case, take 1 lovely bra and 1 lovely corset and put them together and you get 1 lovely top. The corset is from A Piece of Candy and has such a beautifully intricate fabric – reminding me of Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass windows, actually. I really loved the fabric and wanted to show it off, but wanted some straps and frankly, the plain edged top of it just needed a bit of boost. So, trying on some bras that would be just a bit higher to give it an edge, I put on this lovely Casa del Shai bra with a bit of pink lace to pick up the pink in the fabric and I knew I had what I wanted.

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Not Gollum

Agnes Finney makes deliciously glam clothing, but I confess that her store name To My Precious makes me think of Gollum. However, is there anything in the world less Gollumish than this gorgeously glam red dress with the thigh-high slit in the pencil skirt and the glorious butterfly sleeves?

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Puttin' on the Ritz

There was a burst of chic goodness that flowed into the fashion stream like a waterfall last weekend. My inventory overflowed and I was adrift in choices of what to wear. But I absolutely had to wear the new COCO Tuxedo that is so gorgeous I could almost hear it singing “I feel pretty, oh so pretty…” I suppose you think clothes don’t sing, but it’s SL. They can do anything. The tuxedo jacket comes in gray and black and I wore the gray for more contrast with the black feather skirt. Feathers and Tuxedos don’t go together usually, but the skirt was humming “Putting on the Ritz” and the potential for a great fashion song mash-up should never be denied. The fab boots are from Pixel Mode – where the 50L sale just eroded all my will power and flooded my inventory with PM goodness.

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