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Whimsy At Fashion For Life


I thought this would be a whimsical final post for my exploration of the Fashion For Life event. It’s the Nyte’N’Day Pop Dress and it’s been a hit and been featured in several posts. However, everyone has a different approach to styling, which is what makes fashion so interesting. With styling, ten people can wear the same thing and still have very different looks. For me, I added some capri length leggings for a more casual look.
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Teal, It's What's for Week 16

Well we have made it to week 16 of the 52-Weeks of Color blogger’s challenge and this week is Teal.  It is one color I have a lot of, but of course I had to shop for it…. every girl could use more Teal. *winks* And the shop of choice this time… drum roll please…. is HUCCI! They happened to come out with these fabulous Circolo Body Suits this week and this blue one sure looked TEAL to me! What do you think?

Style Notes:

Top:  Hucci – Circolo Bodysuit, Blue

Skirt:  Nyte ‘N’ Day – Raiment, Black

Watch:  Miel – Troupe Watch, natural

Necklace:  Miel – Sen Necklace

Glasses:  Solar Eyewear – Arae

Hair:  Truth – Valerie, Auburn

Skin:  Belleza – Erika SK0

Poses – Diesel Works


Let the Sun Shine!

Now that winter is nearly upon us I felt a nice sunny post for this week’s color in the bloggers challenge was appropriate.  Goldenrod was a challenging color for me as I have very little yellow in my wardrobe, its does not look good on me in RL so I just don’t usually wear it in SL.  But here goes….. found this groovy outfit at Nyte ‘N’ Day and thought “perfect”.  I love the look and the color is fabulous. AND amazingly enough, Gala looks GREAT in yellow (or goldenrod)!

Take a look and see if you don’t agree!

Style notes:

Outfit:  Nyte ‘N’ Day – Retesk, Orange (but I think its Goldenrod)

Jewelry:  Nova – Bangles, Brown

Shoes:  Bax – Prestige, White Leather

Hair:  Sweet – Baroness V1, DT12

Eyes:  Poetic Colors – Bright, Ice Crystals

Skin:  League – Amber, Sunkiss-Pink Champagne

A Twofer as Time Is Running Out

This is Nyte’n’Day’s lovely RFL Clothing Fair dress – worn with Alyssa Bijou’s Firenze jewelry set also for RFL I love the sleek and graceful dress but wish the jewelry came with instructions to turn off the sparkle. It’s not obnoxious bling, but I still wanted to turn it off so I could more fully enjoy the lovely sprays of diamonds.

This is Tres Beau’s incredible Amethyst gown for RFL Clothing Fair paired with Dahlinks Czarina set for RFL. The gown is amazing – and comes with two sets of prims – those with and without sparkle. I tossed the ones with sparkle because I know me and will never wear that, but the sparkle-free is just amazing!

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Now & Then

This is my newbie self and yes, I was fortunate. When I entered Second Life, one of the first people I met was an SL mentor named Lilien Jewell who took it upon herself to ensure that I didn’t look like a noob for long. My 3rd day in SL I purchased the RaC (now LAQ) skin Amy – that she helped me choose and had a decent shape. The white skirt is the second purchase I made in Second Life – after the skin. The swimsuit I got a day later. I thought I was so clever putting a skirt over my swimsuit.  The shoes were from Shiny Things. I think I was in SL six months before I knew there were more shoe stores than X3D (Digit Darkes), Shiny Things and Enkythings. This is me at about a month or so. It’s not my first hair which was Brittany from Bewitched, but I deleted that in an inventory purge long ago. You might note I had no jewelry. I really had none. It took me forever, it seems, to find jewelery stores that suited my taste. I searched for jewelry, but it was all too too too beauty pageant princess for me, so I just didn’t get any. From the first, I knew that I didn’t want bling. I also had no lashes. I didn’t even know they existed. I should add that I wore this outfit most of the time. It was my “go-to” outfit for the longest time.

My shape is shorter, with a larger waist and smaller breasts. My face is softer with more of a smile. I still don’t wear bling, and mixing and matching outfits is an everyday thing. I still wear that Mandy hair from Muism – though for this I am wearing a favorite from Amrita. The shoes are Maitreya which has become a favorite of mine for shoes. Back then, I might not have realized that I could wear my boots without the calf prims and would not have worn them because the calf prims intersect the pants. Now I wear jewelry almost all the time – and it’s my worst Second Life addiction.


  • Poses: Reel Expressions
  • Skin: Laqroki Amy 01
  • Hair: Muism Mandy
  • Swimsuit: Park West Classico Swimsuit
  • Skirt: Nyte’N’Day Raiment Prim Skirt
  • Shoes: Shiny Things Lady Slingback Shoes


  • Poses: Reel Expressions
  • Skin: Belleza Jesse Sunkiss 15
  • Eyes: PXL Creations Glow Yellow Green R
  • Lashes: Lelutka Diva Prim Lashes
  • Hair: Amrita Ea Dark Red
  • Suit: Paper Couture Snowdrift
  • Top: Part of Shai Midas Evening Gown
  • Shoes: Maitreya Soho Boots Champagne (foot only)
  • Earrings: Kraftika No 114
  • Necklaces: Glow Studio Triple Moon Necklace
  • Gloves: 5th & Oxford Leather Gloves Cocoa

Anatomy of a Blog Post

I don’t know about other bloggers, but for me, the final outfit that I blog is often different from where I begin. That sure is true of this one. I really wanted to do a festive getting in the Christmas spirit sort of outfit, but not with a Christmas Tree Sweater or a Snowman Dress, but with combining the colors of the season. I started out with a pair of green pants – however, they were too low cut for me and showed more butt crack than could be covered by this sweater. I suppose I could have put a bodysuit under, but I really like this sweater with it’s subtle argyle pattern – so I decided to try other options – including contrasting the argyle pattern with some tartan tights I had in my inventory. Showing off the tights meant wearing shorts or a skirt, so I started trying on skirts. Perhaps 6 or so would have worked, but they were a bit too dark or they had this that or the other little issue that I quibbled with, so off I went in search of a green skirt.

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Nyte'N'Day Take Two

So having established that Nyte’N’Day produces new, current and luxurious styles, let me show you how Nyte’N’Day also rocks. Take for example, this top/minidress called Snap. Now how many people dare put something out in Blaze Orange? Not that many. Nyte has this luscioius and versatile dress out in several colors and also selles a lovely corset that could be paired with it as well. I decided to go a different route, though and grabbed the belts on the the jacket layer from one of Zaara’s old dresses.

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Night & Day:::Nyte'N'Day

Raise your hands if you have at least one outfit from Nyte’N’Day? Wow, almost everyone. That’s kind of what I thought. Me, too. I have several outfits from there including the very first purchase I made in Second Life, the Nyte’N’Day Rainment skirt in black.  Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose (whose poses I am using in this post) wondered yesterday if its possible that because so many of us identify Nyte’N’Day with our noobish era, that we fail to recognize how current and good the designs are. I think there’s some truth to that.

But that’s cutting us off from some great design because Nyte Caligari has not been just sitting there making the same old thing. Her clothes have evolved and her skills have advanced and her clothes are as exciting as anyone. Take this jacket for example – beautifully made, chic and smart as she linked the collar and belt so that they only take one attachment point. Sure you have to edit the separately to fit your particular torso length – but we all can do that. Continue reading

What's the price of whimsy?

What is the price of whimsy? Well, starting tomorrow for the holidays, it’s 1 Linden @ Nix Sands’ wonderfully eccentric clothing store Pixie Pumps, also called XCentricity and XNT. So, when I need to find  the store, I look up Nix Sands’ profile just because the name confuses me. The D’Fly Ice Queen are going on sale for just 1 L – and they are worth a 1000 times that in sheer fun and delight.

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Happily Imprudent

So I tried out the new  Imprudence viewer tonight and have these photos to show for it – a mashup of Nyte and Day and Digit Darkes. I have to say it was a pleasant experience over all and I am looking forward to being able to change permissions on an entire box of textures at once. However, it has no sound which it should blare in neon so folks don’t spend and hour or more trying to figure out why their sound is not working as I did.

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