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A Twofer as Time Is Running Out

This is Nyte’n’Day’s lovely RFL Clothing Fair dress – worn with Alyssa Bijou’s Firenze jewelry set also for RFL I love the sleek and graceful dress but wish the jewelry came with instructions to turn off the sparkle. It’s not obnoxious bling, but I still wanted to turn it off so I could more fully enjoy the lovely sprays of diamonds.

This is Tres Beau’s incredible Amethyst gown for RFL Clothing Fair paired with Dahlinks Czarina set for RFL. The gown is amazing – and comes with two sets of prims – those with and without sparkle. I tossed the ones with sparkle because I know me and will never wear that, but the sparkle-free is just amazing!

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Gotta-Have-It Hair

I am in love with the Jenna hair from Exile released last weekend. If you can only buy one hair style, this should be it. It’s sexy, new and fresh. It’s superb for photos but not so outre that you cannot wear it running around. As Lil C might say, “It’s buck!”

Hair this hawt needs a a dress that is equally hot and the K.I.T. Rue Cambon dress from Mimikri answers the challenge. It’s a gorgeous black and white tweed with echoes of Chanel chic in the cut and form, but with some of the signature Mimikri boldness with the oversize tweed pattern. It’s design genius that flatters your shape up one side and down the other. Put it together with the bedroomy hair over the shoulder and it’s flaming hot.

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Jackie & The Shrimp

AvaGardner Kungler passed me a pair of dresses yesterday, both called Jackie. The black one is above and I am certain I need not identify who inspired the dresses.  I love that era’s clothing with the simple elegance typified by Jackie Kennedy.  I tried on the the black dress first, loved it and shot the photos for the blog before trying on the second – the Jackie Red which came as a surprise to be because although it was the same cut and style, it was a print – a fabulous pop print that immediately made me want to shoot it too. Not wanting to do the exact same thing twice, I decided to shoot a remix and post them together.

The skirt is from the original Kunglers Jackie dress. I added a sweater from Fleur and a belt from Ornamental Life. Jean Shrimpton was the super-model of the early 60’s. In face, she might rightfully be considered the first international SuperModel – preceding Twiggy by a few years. She was the face of pop fashion and so I decided to style this more for Jean Shrimpton – the Shrimp.

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Girlie Girl

I love the girlie girl outfits with full skirts and lots of lace – and this lovely Angel’s Kiss lace dress in brown delivers. There’s lace on the skirt, a lace sash, lace on the bodice, a lace ribon and a lace jacket with frothy lacy sleeves. It’s Lace-tastic!

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okay, so I CAN mod my hair, sort of…

I was able to mod my hair last night and move the single offending hair prim out of my cheek. YAY! It took 4 minutes and clicking the move Y- button twenty-two times. NOT SO YAY!  And that was with everything going my way.  I was lucky that i guessed y-minus right off the bat and didn’t spend any time clicking the other 5 options at all. And of course, if the prim had been behind another prim, i woul have spent 10-20 minutes moving one prim out of the way so I could click on the prim I need to move and then moving the prim in the way back to position. Actually, no I wouldn’t, I would have given up and deleted the hair.  Honestly, edit scripts are a poor substitute for being able to edit hair. It’s time-consuming and frustrating. And Damselfly is one of my favorite hair stylists, dagnabbit.But on to more cheerful things like the gorgeous dress from TOSL that I have on. Continue reading